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Mystery Man


About a month and a half ago (September 2013) I had a dream that I met a man over the phone while I was at work. When I got off of work I called him on my cell phone and we were talking and having a nice conversation. He then asked me to come to his home so we can go out and spend some time together. I was very reluctant at first but with his persuasion I agreed. I live in Chicago and he gave me his address and I ended up at his home. He had a very nice condo in which seem like downtown Chicago and live a few stories up. I don't remember how I got there but he was a very good looking man, well dressed and very masculine. We went out on a date at a very nice expensive restaurant and ended back back up at his place and I actually spend the night with him. We seemed to click every well and I actually like everything about him. Needless to say, he was my type in all aspects. He was handsome, stable and romantic. And treated me like a queen while in his presence.

I didn't really think too much into the dream until today (November 5, 2013).

I had gotten a call from the mystery man telling me that he wanted to see me and for me to come by. I seemed to be upset with him for a reason that I am completely unaware of. I went to his home which was the same home from the previous dream. Once again he had a very nice condo. What was kind of weird about the home is that he lived like on the ninth floor and once you got off the elevator, you stepped out into his condo. His condo had a very elegant setting. I don't remember how I had gotten to his home but I just remember parking my car in front and getting off the elevator into his home. He was waiting in like a bar area in his home and had a smile on his face as though he was happy to see me. And this time I seemed to be even more comfortable with him than I was in the first dream. Almost like we had been spending a lot of time together. We had conversations and good conversations at that. I don't remember everything that we talked about but I know I did mention something about my financial struggles which he did not comment on to much.

Now the thing about this dream opposed to the previous one is that I have a boyfriend in real life and he did not show up in the first dream. Almost felt as though he didn't exist. But he appeared in the second dream.

Back to the dream... The mystery man had said he needed to go downstairs for whatever reason and get something and asked me to go with him. I did and when we were downstairs there seemed to be a lot going on with the police and them towing peoples cars. So at that point he asked me where my car was and I told him I had parked it in the front. I looked out the door and noticed that my car had been towed along with others. I just remembered me looking at him. He said the his car had been towed earlier that day too and he just hadn't went to get it yet. So we go back upstairs and grabs a paper almost looks like a receipt from his car being towed, grabbed a jacket, his keys and just told me to come on. I followed behind him and as we were on the elevator he told me that the towing place was just a couple of blocks away and we were going to walk there to get our vehicles.

While walking it got a little weird. Like it started raining but we didn't get wet and then the sun came out and we were walking next to two other guys that we didn't know having random conversation. We eventually ended up at the pound where the cars were towed to but somehow I was sitting in an unidentified car while he went in to get our cars. My car has unpaid tickets on it but it showed a valet driver pull out of the parking lot with my car. What was weird was the car was my old car that got totaled in early August of this year and it was brand new and shining. I didn't see the kind of car that he was driving but he got back in the unidentified car the I was sitting in, which had a driver, and told me that his other driver will take care of getting my car home. He had paid all of my unpaid tickets and any additional fees and gotten my car back for me. After that I was at my apartment (which I have no clue how I got there). When I got there my best friend and her cousin were there sitting at my kitchen table. The mystery man was there too. He called me into my bedroom and handed me a letter that he had written and told me to read it. I seemed upset but he almost begged me to read it. I read the letter while he stood over me. It was a fairly long letter but to sum it up. He told me in the letter that he knows he hurt me and that he knew I was upset with him and to please forgive him. He stated that he had never looked at any woman that he has dated as his wife but if I could just forgive him than he wanted to work on our relationship and make me his wife in the future. The words, marry, marriage and wife were used a lot in the letter. I still acted nonchalant about the letter towards him but I was feeling really good in the inside about it.

At that point he left and told me that he had to make a run and to meet him back at his place. When he left I began telling my best friend and her cousin about him and what happened. And they seemed very excited. I told them to follow me to his house because he told me to just meet him there and it'll be open because it's off the elevator. As we were leaving from my house, my real life boyfriend had pulled up. I can't remember what he said or talked about but I do know that he was there. We made it to the mystery mans house and I was showing my best friend and her cousin around his place almost like I had been there multiple times before then and was very comfortable about it. He then walked in and I explained to him that I was showing them around his house which he didn't seem to care at all. We were having a conversation and he explained that his daughter which was a teenager was upset with him because she had done something wrong while she was last over there and he was drunk and accidentally called her a b---h and she was upset with him and he was supposed to be taking her to dinner that night but she didn't want to go. I was asking him how did he do that accidentally and he just said he was drunk and didn't realize what he was saying. I just remembered him talking after that but I don't remember what he was saying. I woke up at that point.

I just don't understand who this mystery man is. He is almost like my dream guy and as I stated he is everything that I want in a man. I'm just taken aback that he is the same guy from the previous dream, same house, and I felt even more comfortable in this dream then the previous dream like I had known him forever. I also don't know what I was upset with him about. I see his face and everything clear to the point if I was to see this man walking down the street I would know that it was him. I need some kind of understanding of these two dreams and how they tie into each other.

Thank you so much for reading... Zee

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