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Missing Persons And Angels


My name is Michaela. I am new to this site. I found it while trying to research the "gift" I've apparently been blessed with.

I have always had a keen interest in supernatural/paranormal/psychics etc. The first experience I remember happened when I was twelve. I was at my grandmother's house for the day and she had been watching the news while preparing my grandfathers dinner. The news that Elizabeth Smart had been kidnapped had just aired. I remember my grandmother saying "That's such a shame, poor girl is probably already dead." she then went on a lecture about safety and the like. My only response when she was done was "She'll be found alive. I know it." My grandmother just shook her head and continued "It doesn't work that way. After so long the police stop anticipating finding her alive and they will start looking for her remains." I really don't remember what happened after that. But in the months that passed after Smart's disappearance our family had moved to a different state and I had completely forgotten about what happened, after all I was only the ages of 12/13 while Smart was missing. While my parent's house was being built we lived with my grandparents. I remember laying on the floor coloring one of those felt posters (you know the ones with the black velvet and white paper shapes). My grandmother had just sat down to have her popcorn and wine (haha) And turned on the news, and low and behold there it was Elizabeth Smart had been found alive. My grandmother got up from her chair and walked towards the door to the deck, my mom had been outside doing something but before my grandmother went out she turned and looked at me "There is something wrong with you." She looked at me as if she had seen a ghost.

The second experience, I was with my cousin and grandmother. We had just gone shopping and she let my cousin and I pick a game to get. At the time we thought it would be cool to get a Ouija board. I know now that was a HORRIBLE I idea, but at the time we didn't know. On the way home I decided I was going to play with it and set it up. I played around for a few minutes before putting it back in the box. I asked stupid questions like "am I going to get a boyfriend soon?" you know typical teenage girl stuff. After I was done with that and had put it away, I started reading the back of a cd case and twirling the cross necklace I had on. For some reason I stopped and looked in the back seat and saw my cousin wasn't wearing her seat belt, I said to her "Oh my gosh put your seat belt on!" my grandmother had strict rules about that and I couldn't believe she didn't catch it. My cousin responded with "We're almost home! Its fine!" my grandmother intervened and snapped at her to put it on. Once I was satisfied that it was firmly buckled. I turned to settle back into my seat. The last thing I remember was saying "Mimi what are you doing?" and seeing the windshield crack. The next thing I remember seeing was a bright sunlight filling the car and then we stopped. The three of us climbed out of the over turned truck and headed to the nearest house. When we returned a crowd had gathered and paramedics were on the scene. They asked if there was anyone else in the car, which there wasn't. One of the paramedics said to my grandmother "Wow are you three lucky. We were anticipating a DOA" an unfamiliar term my grandmother asked "DOA?" the paramedic explained "Dead On Arrival, and from the looks of this vehicle you should not be alive. In all my years I've never seen someone walk away from something this bad without a scratch" The entire front end of the Tahoe had been demolished and you could also see the point where the telephone pole had been stopped by the interior of the truck. Right where I had been sitting.

Not only did I somehow save my cousins life. We survived. As I grew older I learned about the Ouija board and the horrible things that come with it. We properly disposed of the Ouija board and I have NEVER touched one since!

The next big experience. I had a reading done by someone who had no idea I was empathic. I remember her looking at me like I was strange. She said a few things about my past, but then went on to describe where I would meet one of the most influential people in my life, and I am confirm that I did in fact meet this person, he is my current boyfriend, and boy was she spot on about him. The other thing she said that was really strange, and what prompted me to research and how I wound up here. She said she had never read/seen someone who was surrounded by so many angels. She said it was almost not normal the amount that has been surrounding me and she said they have been there since I was born. My way into the world was not a calm and peaceful one. I was a month and half early, my mother was in labor for FOUR DAYS before I arrived, and after that I still had to fight to survive. She also said that they had no intention of leaving me but she doesn't know why they are there and why there is so many of them.

The next thing that is a current experience is kind of weird. I know some of you may have heard about Maura Murray. The girl from Massachusetts that went missing from her crashed car in NH. Since she's been missing, like the Elizabeth Smart case. I feel like she is alive. It is the strongest feeling I've ever had out of every single experience I've ever had. It frightens me, frustrates me and I want so badly to see clearer. I don't understand why I have such a strong pull to this girl. No matter what I do I always find myself in a situation where it reminds me of her.

If anyone here can help me understand the angel thing and the missing girl thing I would greatly appreciate it. I am still very new to this and the experiences I've listed are NOT the only experiences I've had. I just chose to list the most prominent. I know not many but still. Any help is appreciated.

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rcarriwill (2 stories) (8 posts)
3 years ago (2018-08-27)
You can contact me on Facebook Unoffical Psychic Detective. Or Blue Line Psychic Detective on Facebook. That is me. I have methods I use to find missing. Mostly by prayers it works. Pray to God to send Saint Anthony to locate the missing. There other methods look at photos. I touch object get readings. Your gifted also to missing and cold cases. You need pray more and try look photos before bed look into the eyes of missing. Then go sleep. You may dream about the cases. I also read on the case. It may take days or months but eventually the reading comes through.
rcarriwill (2 stories) (8 posts)
3 years ago (2018-08-27)
You should look at photo and do this I teach you how. You natural gift. You take the photo. Look into their eyes of missing. Then read about cases. And I go to sleep sometime I dream about the cases in detail or. A vision comes. I see things banging around.
a_michelle (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-05-01)
Hi Michaela, very interesting stories! Last year near this time, a girl in our community "disappeared". Her name is Lauren Spierer. She attended college here, she was not yet 21. There has been a great deal of local and national attention given to the case, however, no real leads exist. Her parents are devastated. I literately work just blocks away from where she was last seen and I pass the area nearly daily. Her missing person flyer is still seen everywhere in our town. I didn't know her, and I've not had any psychic dreams or visions about her. But if you have a knack for these things I thought I'd reach out to you. I remember the night she disappeared, I was unable to fall asleep and tossed and turned until four AM.
willowsong (1 stories) (6 posts)
9 years ago (2012-05-01)
the word 'normal' gets thrown around a lot. As I get older, I see it is others perceptions, and media, and not our own, that dictates ideas like that. But, it is your opinion that counts. Numbers do vary, and perhaps they aren't all 'angels', but guides, past life connections, etc.
In my entry, I told of a prophetic dream I had of a reality star committing suicide. (I don't want to put his name here.) It felt real; it carried more weight and importance than other dreams. Anyway, it was scary, until I saw the post online a few hours later. Then, I was Very Freaked! I've had quite a few dreams like that.
The key here, (I am better giving advice than taking it!) is to know yourself and what you feel. If you are empathic, it will help you differentiate your feelings from theirs.
Look up how to properly ground and protect yourself before opening up. Although you have a ton of support, it is still wise.
I was told I have a huge golden aura. A bright spirit that stands out from the crowd, she said. It was nice, but I didn't believe her. I am working on it, though.
Although this is my opinion, I believe from your story that you are psychic. Specifically, clairvoyant and intuitive. Empathy implies feeling others energies and emotions. Just my opinion, you don't have to accept or agree.
My best wishes to you. I hope you develop this and help others like I plan to!
AnneV (4 stories) (1056 posts) mod
9 years ago (2012-04-30)
You probably haven't considered this but have you thought about taking actual psychic or remote viewing classes? I know Pam Coronado (a professional psychic with her own tv show is about to start her May classes).

I've taken several classes from her and she is not only extremely talented but the environment is quite safe and caring.

I get no referral from her. There is also a write up about her under the Famous Psychics tab on this site.

Remote viewing is another venue for taking your skills to the next level. You can read about it on my sister site:

Time will tell (perhaps) on the missing girl.

Everyone has guides and angels around them. Quantity varies. It was definitely not your time to go. You have work to be done!

Thanks for sharing.

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