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A Visit From My Husband's Mom Who I Adored


The visit came about 2 months after her passing, we were very close as if she were my mom in another lifetime, she was a loving and spiritual person always praying for the good/health of others and those that she never knew, she was also attached to my 2 children her grandchildren who adored her unconditionally, they meant the world to her and had only 2 grandkids. My visit with her came in a dream at the time I was sleeping beside my husband during the AM morning hours and in my dream I woke from sleeping but was still sleeping in reality, in my dream I then tried to wake my husband to tell him his ''mom'' was here in our room right in front of our bed laying in her casket, my husband did not get up he just pulled me from crawling to the edge of the bed so I can go back to sleep but instead I pulled away from him because I was so pleased and excited to see her again, she was laying in her casket and began to move her arms then yawned as if she was in a deep sleep then started to run her hands up and down her arms as if she was cold and warming up, she then turned her head only to see ''me'' stairing at her in silence with a big smile from ear to ear feeling warm all over again because she was alive looking happy and well... Like her old self, once I crawled to the bottom my bed I reached out to her with my hand, I extended my arm out to her she reached out to me and said ''give me a kiss'' I kissed her with such joy but a little afraid but more happy to see her, I miss her and think of her everyday, I can also feel her around and can speak to her then she will more then likely respond back to me every time. When I leaned over my bed to kiss her, she saids ''how do you feel?'' I say o.k. At this time she leaned over on her side while in the casket and that scared me some I thought she was getting up and out! She began to look down the hallway from my bedroom while in her casket and looked right at my kids rooms where they were sleeping, I said the kids are sleeping, she saids ''i know'' with a big warm smile on her face then at this point she was trying to get up and out of her ''casket'' now I was really afraid, I knew she wanted to see her grandkids by entering thier rooms... Well I woke up to this notion because her getting up and out scared me But at the same time I was so very happy to have seen her appearing happy and ok. I couldn't wait to tell my husband that she came to me in my dream that morning, I felt so warm and full of love with such happiness as if I won the ''lotto'' I felt so lucky and had a great day to follow! My dreams are realistic almost always as if it really happened while concious, sometimes scares me. Wanted to share this story because lost love ones do come in dreams, I have met her in other dreams following this first dream with her, I miss her and love her so much she was my mother-in-law for 30 years more like a mom!

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