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A Message From A Voice Within


I know this may sound normal for some and distrusting for others, well I have had two experiences that were the same on two different occasions that are related and I didn't go about in anyway. When I was preparing my day I had an appointment to get my hair-cut and so while I am going through out my morning doing the regular I'm suddenly out of the blue thinking of my hair-dresser mother for some odd reason, I mean this woman would not leave me alone, all I kept hearing was that this mother or grandmother figure wanted to relay a message to my hair-dresser that she needs to know how sick her mom really is because she's keeping it from her and should spend time with her, call her, talk to her, her mom doesn't want her to worry about her, because her daughter (hair-dresser) would not be well if she knew how sick she was. I have had this happen twice within two months apart, my hair gets done every two months and so it happen for the second time in the same way. This person was in my mind even as I was driving to my hair appointment she would not give up in the least and wouldn't let me think straight. As I arrive for my appointment I made up my mind for the second time that I would mention something about it to my hair-dresser and so I sat in that chair thinking about it but never did mention it because I saw her to be in an emotional state of mind after she was told, so I never went there because I didn't know if I could handle her feelings and I wouldn't feel good if I put her in that state of mind, but I must say by not telling her its taken a toll on me because I know it needed to be said, on my part I needed to be relieved of the pressure in my head it felt like a load of bricks. I will be going back in two months hoping that there isn't a third episode. Dont know what to do if it occurs again, in certain situations I pull back from it and not sure why but I do have some answers, I don't like to make anyone cry I like to see happiness in everyone, causing hurtful feelings inst what I do best. Feel free to ask questions, or give advice, very welcomed!

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martha (5 stories) (89 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-02)
I had an awesome day, was able to VALIDATE a message but from someone who is still ''living'' what do you call this when they are still alive but not well, you see from my story it was the 2 month mark of getting my hair done today and I finally spoke and told my'' hairdresser'' about a message from her mom who is very much alive, I knew things about her, she never even spoken to me about her mom until today when she walked in to my surprise she was alive but not... So after her mom left the parlor I ask her if her mom was or lives in Florida, she said yes and come up to visit her, I then said is she sick because I see her and feel she has an illness... Well she said yes, she has M.S. Wow I couldn't believe what I was hearing, my hairdresser was really suprised that I knew about this info... And now she knows I am for real! Not crazy! She then ask me further questions that I didn't want to open up to, so mainly her mom doesn't want her to worry about her so much even though I know she is getting sicker (worse) but doesn't want her to know the extent of it. NOT SO SURE ABOUT THIS VISION DUE TO HER MOM BEING HERE WITH US... I NEED HELP ON THIS ONE? FEEL FREE? WHAT KIND OF ABILITY WOULD THIS BE? This is a continuence of my original experience above that I recently posted... In need of your HELP?!?
martha (5 stories) (89 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-03)
ngama30, its so hard sometimes and yes I don't want regrets, and so thanks for confirming what needs to be done I can't agree with you more, by the way my not sure if you read my other story ''supermaret encounter'' well, I was so proud of myself it was my first time validating out in public a stranger and it felt so good I had anxiety cause I needed to validate and release it out in the open! My family is supportive, so I get what your saying but why does it have to be hard... You know what it is? I don't want the attention of everyone else because it is a private matter its personal information. In a salon you know how rumors get around and they may be in disbelief. They don't know this but I once made a connection with a worker there so I had a question validated with this person and then some of the workers got together and tried to play a trick on me by hiding someones keys near me and kept asking ''where did place my keys'' and so on... I told them they are around the area where I was sitting, she found them in her purse on the floor next to my chair. I just don't like being toyed without my knowledge sort to speak. Thanks again!
ngama30 (3 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-03)
Hi Martha, You know your heading for this story caught my attention. Let me start by saying that it's perfectly normal to feel nervous about telling someone that you have a message for them. I'm sure you are a very strong woman and will over come your fear. If I can suggest something, maybe going before your appointment so you can get that relief that you need. The answers are within you, they are all in your heart. Trust me when I say all this it's because it happens to me as well, just last week my mother in law brought a lady to the house to help her clean and suddenly I felt this feeling, and I kept repeating in my mind father or sister. So all of a sudden I knew it was the sister, so I asked (Note: I That this was my first time confronting someone about this.) if she had a sister that past away and well she said nope thank goodness. I was so disappointed but right after she said that shes like;but my sister a couple of months ago lost her daughter, she died a day before she was born. So right there I knew that I wasn't just making things up. I knew something was telling me that information so I could get validated. I know this is long but let me tell you that you will confront this because inside of you, you know that it's not only going to bring certain emotions from that person but that it will give them satisfaction at the end. And you will feel much better.

I hope this help, again sorry for a long comment. (More like a

Ngama30 😊

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