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Life Long Spritual Journey


My spiritual journey started when I was 2 or 3. I can remember talking to people and being told no one was there. My family said I had an imaginary friend. This "friend" was with me through my adoption at 3 years old and all the way through school.

I was adopted a month before my 4th birthday. Roughly 6 months later I remember seeing what I described at the time was pink, blue, and green people like things floating in a circle around my bed on the ceiling, the walls, and surrounding me. I remember hearing whispers, but I couldn't understand what they were saying. I slept with my Bible and prayed until I was too scared and ran out of my room crying. My dad prayed with me that night and they went away for almost a week. When they came back they were more solid and I could understand some of the words they were speaking. They followed me everywhere I went, but usually stood back and watched me like they were waiting for something. My parents had tests run on me thinking something was wrong with me, but everything came back normal.

These experiences only continued to get increasingly potent as I grew up. When I was a teenager I started having blackouts because I had a few spirits trying to come through me. I had to learn to protect myself from that by reading what I could from the library and online.

My "friend" I had when I was very little was my spirit guide and was like a grandmother to me. She was very strict, but was always right when she warned me about not doing certain things. She comforted me when others turned their backs to me for being a freak. I had problems with kids because I started to forget or not realize whether something had already happened or not. It was so confusing to argue with a teacher over whether they'd done that lesson already or slip up and tell someone they'd be in an accident. I was in 8th grade when 9-11 happened and remember watching the screen. When the first plane crashed I thought I was talking under my breath, but mentioned the 2nd plane and then asked outloud where was the 3rd. When asked what I meant about a 3rd plane by my history teacher I told him about the field and it didn't make it to that other funny shaped building. I even drew it out for him. I didn't know what that building was and didn't even know what the trade centers were. They took me to the principal thinking I knew something, then avoided me like the plague with the other students when I told them something showed me this a week ago or so.

I've had too many of these experiences with death and tragedy. I also have somewhat good ones though. I can calm any baby or child. They are drawn to me and I love making them feel calm. I can heal others though it still drains me.

All this has changed my life. I have 3 children that all show signs of psychic abilities. Since I wasn't given support I'm trying to give that to them. My children are used to seeing spirits, hearing them, and even playing with them. My husband never had any experiences with the super natural until he started dating me. He helps hold me together and tries to understand even though I can see and feel that it worries and scares him.

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dragondream23 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-30)
I have a question to any one who will answer. I'm 14 and I since grade school have been having dreams that either come true or happen in a certain period of time. I really didn't know who to tell because I was afraid. Sometimes I will wake up shaking or wake up so scared that I can't sleep. I'm in high school now and they see to be getting worse or more frequent then before. Is this normal?
martha (5 stories) (89 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-30)
ok, so I read an interesting message in your writing when you say that you have ''blacked out'' omg! This has happened to me so many times for years and didn't understand why but reading your passage it makes sense to me now... Thanks a whole lot! This would happen to me especially while I was driving in my car going from place to place I would suddenly forget where i'm at or where it is I need to go, to and from then my memory would come back again, so so scary when it happens because you suddenly don't know where you are or who you are its like a TRANCE is how I feel if you know what I mean, feels like it takes over in slow motion and feeling like a day dream and can't come out of it but then when you do I feel all confused forgetting where I am heading to in the car, but then its over 2 minutes So glad I read your message! 😊 I agree w/AnneV, its great to open up our new generation and expose them to it gently. 😊
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-04-30)
That is fantastic that as a psychic mother, you can now mentor your own. I can't even imagine what amazing people they will grow up to be! I always said that if I had a child, I would rejoice at their ability and help them any way that I could.

It still shocks and saddens me how closed up society is but it is making progress! 20-30 years ago, a site like this would not even be available to all of us and now it's being visited by young adults all over the world. This is good! The new wave of youth will be so much more open, and if we don't kill the planet before they can have their own children, then that generation will be even more evolved.

Your children are very lucky to have such a gifted mother.

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