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House Of Missing Little Girls


Again, this is a dream, yet not a dream. It is upsetting and I don't know why. I was at a place - a place that had green fields and lots of green grass that was very, very cold with crispness to the air and yet it was sunny. There were abandoned houses everywhere - some had new residents in them whilst others hadn't. Most people living there were poor, drug addicts or were mentally instable. Society didn't take much notice of them. I visited a family that sold eggs and beer as a way of making some money, and whilst I was visiting them I saw an old man with a baldhead and a big white beard with about 5 little girls, ranging in ages from 4 years to about 9 or 10 years. There were 5 little girls to be seen at all times, but I knew there were 6. They all wore dresses, but no shoes, even though it was cold. Their dresses even some times had short sleeves. They all seemed dreamy and happy and were playing outside. Then the old man would call them inside. So I went to visit them and wanted to chat to the little girls. As I asked one a question, she turned around and looked straight through me, like she was blind but still could see. All of the little girls' eyes were totally glazed over; they had this faint smile on their face and a paleness I cannot explain. I went inside the house and knew that on the left hand side of the house there was the old man's bedroom. I went in through the front door, walked through a living room and a bathroom and opened the door of the man's bedroom. Something was happening-something horrible, but the little girl was totally silent. I saw it, but when I try to remember what it was my head burns and tears come from my eyes - I only know it was truly a horrifying scene. Then, I saw the man somewhere else, like another room, and he was wiping his hands dry. All the while it was like I was there and yet I wasn't. I wanted to go back to the man's bedroom to search for the little girl, but when I entered his room, I knew she wasn't there. I also knew there was a hidden room next to his room and that this room had something to do with her. Then the man was coming back and I tried to get out. I saw his face - it was red and pulled in a way that was terrifying. His room had a cupboard and a small window in it. As I got out the house, I looked back and saw him coming outside, calling the little girls and wiping his hands. I knew one of the girls was missing. I never saw their skin colour, just their glazed over eyes and hair colour. There were two or three blondes, a brunette or very dark haired little girl and one with reddish or strawberry blonde hair. There were one, maybe even two more little girls around that I never saw. Nobody expected this man of anything. They were in these fields with long grass in a remote area. And people were looking for these girls in all the wrong places. No one thought of looking for them here. Some people even thought the girl they were looking for was dead.

This man has a big belly, is elderly. He comes across as very jovial and friendly - very trustworthy. No one knows where he lives. The girls always play at this dilapidated house in a trance-like state: half-drugged, half-asleep, half-dreaming.

The key lies in the hidden room and the cold crisp air and sunny blue skies and long grass.

Someone must do something- something horrible is taking place.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-30)
There very well could be a house of girls trapped in a energy prison. I have had astral experiences where I will see a person reliving some hell over and over and over. They too have those glazed eyes because they lack the ability to stop the cycle, which hopefully is where divine intervention comes in. On one occasion I took my own energy and blasted the dream within a dream so that they would "wake up" and then they just cried while I helped them move on out of this energy washing machine on repeat cycle.

Since you are the one who is seeing them, then it's up to you to help them. You can send them a bolt of energy from your solar plexus. All life (this one and the next) is layers of energy and these can vibrationally thicken and become virtual prisons if they are negative. It rather reminds me of when I astral project and see my sleeping husband, eyes glazed over in the etheric, barely conscious. I have to really holler at him to "wake up!" If we are unconscious in this life, we can easily be unconscious in the next. This is why most religions are so adamant you live a life that you'd be happy with on the other side (being good to others, seeking higher truths, etc) because that pattern will more than likely continue in the next life so it behooves us to pay attention to our thoughts and actions.

Know though that this is one of millions of scenarios that play out in the astral. Our demons and mental traps here often continue on in the next life (chasing money, sex, our pride, ego, etc). I remember once reading a NDE (near death experience) that was a real eye opener about a woman who was so adamant that she was special and better than non-Christians and God was going to save her that after she died she chased that illusion and self righteousness. When her own husband passed on (but he came back to talk about it) he saw her refusing to leave a God like shrine, despite other angels trying to tell her this was not God. She refused because it was still so much better than the physical that this must be heaven and she must worship this statue and stop bothering her! She was special and to leave this shrine might be bad! So even though she wasn't in pain or suffering, she was still in a self induced mental trap where she could literally spend hundreds of years in a false state of belief and not evolving.

I hope you're able to get some success on this.


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