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Unsolved Murders - Horror With Knife


I often have premonitions about incidences about to happen and they usually come in the form of dreams. Usually they are arbitrary things, such as extreme weather conditions, economic changes or political events like new presidents or treaties - things I have no control over. (I usually know who will be president of a country before it happens - even though I have never seen a photo of him or her - and I saw the recession coming. Only, I did not understand my dream and knew I could not stop it. I could not understand how things could get so bad economically so quickly.) Sometimes I might dream about meeting someone and that I have to tell them something, which usually happens and they need the advice or the information I give them. Usually, my premonitions do not make any sense until they become reality.

But this time it was different. As always, I dreamt of people and places I had never seen or met in my life. I do not watch tv or horror movies, as I find them way too upsetting and usually check news online or read the paper. The following is about a premonition I had less than an hour ago. It is so horrible, so horrifying, that my head is burning as I type this and I have tears streaming from my eyes. Whoever knows about something like this that has happened - be afraid! This individual is disturbed in the most terrible way!

It starts with how I see this boy grow up. There is something wrong with his mind - he does not seem to feel remorse or love or kindness. He gets mad and annoyed, but without real emotion, if that is possible. His father is very dictatorial, his mother works hard. They do not understand him and spend little time with him. I do not know whether he really kills them or only kills them in his mind, as I seem to jump between his thoughts and what he is experiencing to being an observer and experiencing from an onlooker's perspective

In his 30's or early 40's (I am guessing, as this is how old he seems to be - more younger though than older) he starts a wake of destruction. He usually kills with a knife or other sharp object, and he kills arbitrary people in strange places or situations (like whilst they are on the toilet). Someone might annoy him and then he will kill that person and everyone surrounding that person. The people he kills are not well known in their community, and their decaying bodies only gets found much later. (The stench is unbearable - like nothing I can describe. I smelled it, felt his emotions, felt scared and even smelled and felt the surrounds.)

Lastly, he stabs his landlord, who manages to run away, kills his wife and severs her arm and kills some of the other people in the house - one of them whilst he is on the toilet. The landlord calls the police, but by then he has left. The murderer drives some kind of an SUV or van. His mind buzzing away with thoughts and emotions, he drives away. He has collected evidence from all of his murder scenes and newspaper clippings on his murders. As he drives by a house, he sees their garbage bin outside for collection and dumps all of the evidence and clippings there to be collected by the garbage truck the next morning. I see some white plastic sheets or bags that he dumps there too. He drives away. I have a sense that this is close to the ocean or a beach. He goes back to his hideaway; some dilapidated and ramshackle place nearby. The police never finds him. His mind is extremely disturbed by now and I see him talking to himself. He hasn't been home for a long time, yet still eats the food there which has gone bad. I see he is quite obese, but starts throwing up and has diarrhea because of the bad food. Eventually he loses his mind totally and starts eating tv chips with coffee. He is now totally emaciated. He goes to the bathroom, but his toilet bowl is badly broken with a sharp spike jutting out in the air. His last words are:"And then you step off the tampon and sit on the toilet because it is so beautiful." He then sits down and impales himself and dies like this. Later, when his corpse starts decaying, the police finds it, but never links it to the murders.

This is a white Caucasian male, with brown hair that is sort of frizzy. At one point his hair is long. He has almond shaped eyes. He is of average height, maybe a little tall. He starts off with an average build and slowly becomes more overweight.

This is truly been one of my more terrifying premonitions - an experience I wish to forget as soon as possible. I do not wish this upon my worst enemy.

I truly hope someone, somewhere can use this information.

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Symbol-of-the-dragon (4 stories) (68 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-03)
I have been a messy situation involving a 16 year old chinese serial and cannibal want to be when I was little, 13.
He wasn't after me personally, but he wanted to kill everyone in my neighborhood and everyone else in the world who he saw as more fortunate then him (He was middle class, I grew up a little above his level of middle class but still very much middle class). He called us the "elites".

He almost killed a 14 year old (it was a miracle that boy lived, shot twice in the chest). The police caught him a few days latter... And they only knew who this killer want to be was because a shop lifting friend of his they happened to have arrested said a friend of his had bought a gun.

I don't know if it's more funny or terrifying that I was on the menu of another of my own species--literally.
😭 😐

It's weird that the two of you have had the same serial killer... What does it mean?
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-04-03)
That is so weird. I dreamt last night of a series killer who was using a knife. He was a Caucasian male, middle aged, overweight and I thought I heard a name like Edward Casey. He had that exact psychopathic personality. Very scary.

Thanks for sharing.

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