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Channeling The Dead After Murder


I am new here and wanting to share a story with you folks. I am on Facebook and looking to meet new friends who have similar gifts.

I have had the ability to communicate with the Afterlife and see into the future. My profile help's give more specific examples. It is my belief that my gift is passed down from my mother's side. I have predicted two deaths in 2010 before they happened. This is one of the (2). I am looking to see if someone has a similar situation.

In April 2010 I awoke from a dream crying. The tears forced my eyes open which woke me up. I immediately noted the dream to remember the details. It was of my step mother. She was pleading with me, saying she was so sorry. She was holding books which were symbolic because of her ongoing health issues she would stay home and read books from the library. She was saying good bye in the dream and I felt a devastating lose when I awoke.

My biological father called me the next day stating he was in Hawaii with my step mom. It was not true. He sent my boyfriend an email to tell him not to go over to the house as they were returning from Hawaii. It was completely off and guarded, not like my father. He told me he was divorcing my step mom and again that devastating feeling came back. I knew he wasn't telling me the truth. I couldn't get a hold of her or figure out where she went to. He said he bought a ticket for her and she went to Washington but as the words were coming out of his mouth I knew not to trust them.

Over (June) father day's weekend my dad sent an email letting me know my step mom pasted away in a hospital several months later after the dream. I didn't believe him so I applied for her death certificate. I was unable to obtain the record. I told my boyfriend at the time I had a bad feeling about this. I was really close to my dad. My dad knew of my abilities and started slowly pushing away. I asked him what the death certificate said on it and he said of natural causes.

6months later the news came on that my step mom was missing. I almost passed out because I was dead on about everything. I went to my dad and he said, you believe me don't you? I could see in his eyes a man who was terrified and as I kept calm I only offered him comfort. I knew the outcome. My mom didn't die, in Washington, or in the month of June, of recently in the following Dec. The night my mom died was the night I had the dream when she said good bye. April 2010, over 9months had gone by and no one reported her missing because of my dad's lies. Police Detectives and I worked on the case to help charge my biological father on murder. I was tested like no child should be tested. Conducting glass warrants, wearing wires, and pulling responses from my father as he was behind bars.

I worked with a psychic friend of mine in Alaska. She did a reading and said I was right not to trust my father. She channeled my step mom and gave me the last push to channel my mother. I started by sitting on the floor and entering deep meditation. I said a protection spell than asked to speak with my step mother. I asked her to valid that she was there and she did. As my eyes were closed I first saw nothing, just black, and then I saw sparkly white light that developed into an outline of my mother's face. (When I see faces they slowly appear that way when I channel). She communicated with me, said she was not worried, a little mad, but not worried. Her main message was to move forward and that she knew the pain was great for me but that it was important to give it time. She came to me many times almost feeling her presence like a guardian angel. When I wore the wire and went into the jail I spoke with her, felt her there, and when we exited the jail a feeling of triumph came over me along with tears. I spoke out loud to her, we did it. She was always the strong one and she gave me her strength to get through that.

I had several good channeling experiences with my step mom, I would ask her to validate every time and she did. The stronger the connection grew I was able to see her with my eyes wide open, still a white sparkling light. I remember one moment where I reached out and put my finger on the light and for one moment felt her love for me. It was powerful.

After a while I started seeing more visitors due to my senses growing. Faces were appearing that were not friendly so I would use my protection spells, in particular a male face. These faces were always mutating and changing, so they were a little intimidating, that's why I felt they were unfriendly. The white lighted spirits are friendly. I talked to my psychic friend who said I needed to let her go and keep negative energies away.

My step mom and I had a strong connection and I believe she stuck along as long as she did to make sure I was ok. My last channel of her was to say good bye. I told her not to be upset, that I knew she was with me, but that I was experiencing negative energies. Looking back I believe the negative energy was connected to my mother's spirit. I believe it was my mother's grandfather who had passed many years ago. My mother's Mom in Washington admitted to me after the fact that her father, my mother's grandfather molested her at a young age. I believe his energy was trying to come in. My mom was not mad when I said good bye. I believe she was happy and proud of me. Every once in a while she'll give me a sign that she is still there. I believe she visit's me from time to time but spends more time now in the spirit world.

10months after my last channeling of my step mom I walked into my house and heard the voice, look up. I looked up straight ahead and saw the picture of my mom and I on the wall, exactly at eye level and the picture frame was sideways. I fixed the picture frame on the wall. I said in thought, I know you're there and I miss you too.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and if you have a similar story in regards to channeling please share.

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Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-06)
Hi AK Scorpio,yes,there comes all kinds of info and it can be quite hard on oneself. I hope that, even you see hard things, that the negative energy would not penetrate through. Violence is energy, that feels like it takes over the whole room and it is only good to receive, if there is still something to do about it. When no-one can be helped anymore with the case, it can be simply just hard to the psychic. I once saw an execution and it was awful. I felt how all parties in it felt in their hearts. No good does it to anyone, if I receive events, that are on another continent and I can help no-one with. You sound like a grounded person and this is very good. I am sorry for your loss and possible sadness in this event you told about familymembers. Somehow I feel, that all individuals, who have psychic abilities, also have a strong endurance for news life can contain. Bless you and ask the spirits for only information with which there is still something to be done. We all know of horrible things going on in the world, around us maby. Some we can help with, some not at all. Sometimes we can only pray. This event was so close to you, that it was most likely unavoidable to see with intuition.
AK_Scorpio (4 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-05)
Hi, I'm going to write another experience about a friend of mine that I was close to who passed unexpectedly. I know it's hard because we see and feel signs but are unable to come to a conclusion to their meaning in enough time to actually help a person before it's too late. I think we pick up on the bad things more often because I feel my guide is telling me it's more important at the moment. She has always told me to watch out or proceed with caution. They want to guide us not put us in bad situations. Not to say all images or visions are bad. For me I still have good images as well. The stronger you get over time the easier it will be to channel good visions as well. It's easier to let the dark in than the light so we must continue to work at being balanced.
The situation with my mom was difficult but it made me so much stronger having gone through that. I trust my sixth sense more and more every day. The toughest situations in life can make for an amazing discovery with in each of us.
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-04)
Hello AK, I've thought it would be nice to give my experience. It's been hard for me to talk about... Well the things I've seen murders, suicide, incidents. I've even witnessed from what I believe is my past life. My guardian angel has helped cheer me up from those events.

From how long I've been around in Psychic-Experiences I never really spoke about it. One of the horrific things Astral projected is a White-male (We'll just call him Josh) at the age of 19. They seemed like a group of friends who I can't really imagine forgetting their faces. While stopping at a gas station they let Josh drive. (Assuming he had a license.) Josh's foot slipped off of the gas to far from the stop sign onto the highway. Josh kept pushing the break mistaking it for the break while a van, truck and semi-Diesel came towards them.

I feel like I've been accustomed to seeing and hearing the bad news. They are people too and I can't help. I don't get all the information needed to attempt to help. I won't mention the ending to Josh's tale. I don't want to bother you or anyone else from it.

Your mother's experience must be deep and I'm very sorry to hear. I'm sure you went through a lot of emotional pain through the events and my thoughts go to you.

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