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I Think I Know What You're Going To Sing Next


My name is Carmela and I'm 15 years old. Ever since I can remember, I've had these strange experiences when a song keeps playing in my mind and seconds after that, a person close by will sing the same exact lyrics and tune playing inside my brain earlier, even though most of the songs are very unfamiliar to me (not much of a music fan). It happened when I was a kid but I managed to ignore it until the time I got older, it seems to have gotten stronger and happens almost every time I'm close to a person, and I can't control it. I can only listen to what they're going to sing after I hear it first in my own brain. It's really weird and annoying sometimes since I don't really listen to music that often and my best friend calls me "Jurassic" for not knowing the latest music trends because I prefer instrumental songs and the sounds of nature. Rock and Hip-hop songs infuriates me for unknown reasons but they're mostly the ones I pick-up from people. I tried to Google my curse, but it nothing useful came up.

I can only predict songs and my friend says that it's lame, she told me that I'm crazy and should probably ignore it. I took the advice and didn't mind it for the past few months (didn't work though), but after awhile I began to remember some of the other strange things that I did in the past and probably until now like the time when I used to sing in unison with the trees in the forest near our house when I find the time to be alone (weird right?). My mom also heard me one time when I was seven, that I sang a strange but sweet song to our garden in a language she didn't understand (It really creeped me out when she told it to me) and she thought I was possessed or something. Then when I was twelve or thirteen, most of our dogs kept dying one-by-one, mostly due to diseases (we don't have enough money for medicine and we had so many dogs). I always carry them in my arms with a blanket then I try to sing them to sleep before they die in the night, and humming seems to make them stop from moaning and crying. These are some of the strange things I do, and probably more.

I also have a psychic friend, who sees spirits and communicates with them. She sometimes teaches me some tricks and prayers so that they would leave me alone, I also suspect them for making my shoulder blades and legs ache when they appear, and it feels hollow when they aren't around (my mom and the doctor mistook it as muscle problems and I eventually got a one way ticket to the Physical Therapy for a month, though it never got better, but I told my mom that it worked since the procedures were very painful and it caused us a lot).

I'm also very grateful to my psychic friend for teaching me spirit stuff because in the past when I see a spirit or a ghost, my instinct kicks right in and throws whatever object I grab right at them (they probably think I'm hostile but they seriously need to leave me alone). They mostly appear as small dark shadows that creeps in the corner of my eye and sometimes actual human figures do show up in front of me (and then I throw stuff at them for making me feel more crazy). All these stuff probably sounds insane and weird but it's all true and it doesn't make any sense (title of my autobiography) and it's the reason why I'm an outcast in school and sometimes at home too. I think that maybe I'm just actually crazy (most of you might think so too) but I would love to hear some comments or suggestions.

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miming (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-30)
I experience those things too! After thinking of that song someone would play or sing it or maybe it would play in the radio or TV! And also, sometimes I can predict what someone is playing on their earphones. I just start singing a random song then someone would say that I sang the song he was playing. Moreover, sometimes I even sing it together - I mean like the exact line and words while the song is playing on another person's earphones. I don't think that it's all pure coincidence.

P.S. I'm a Filipina too! And I'm 14 years old, so yeah. 😳
Lilliane19 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-09)
Thanks for the suggestions! They really helped me on the spirit stuff so far and maybe I should stop throwing things at them and try to listen to what they want instead.
Sassycat (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
I'm dealing with something simular, except I hear music in my head then hear it on the radio or T.V. Later? Its weird, but i've noticed its just the start of my budding clairaudio, because now I hear other things just before they happen, almost like I anticipate it. But your NOT crazy. Its a real shame that mankind demands proof and evidence of events we experience before it can be called real. We have many things we can't see, but their there. Like germs, or wind, miracles, and atoms etc. We had to evolve first to learn how to see them then learn what they were when we did see them. So your gift may start this way and as you grow your gift will grow into something really amazing too. As for negative spirits that wander in my home, I like to smudge my house really good weekly. It stops the "activity" in my home. That may help you too. Hope this helps:)
lifelovelight (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-04)
You definitely have a gift - it is up to you whether you choose to expand on that or not. No one can make you if you do not want to. Try not to be scared though, it can be hard I understand!
Obviously a lot of things happen for you which you do not ask for. You may find going to a spiritual workshop will help you. Look one up near you:)
These spirits will be harmless. They are just visiting and being curious about you or the place where you also happen to be, it might not be you they are actually following but you can still sense they are there.
You have a great ability to see them, maybe do not throw your books at them, (yeah that is a bit crazy haha). If you do not feel comfortable, cleanse your mind, cleanse the room. Use your mind to bring the white light to shoo them away, and openly ask them to leave you in peace. Most of the time they will respect you if you ask them respectfully. Do not throw things at them! They might decide to taunt you a bit for fun for doing that! They are like us, but on the other side. Treat them how you would like to be treated.

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