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My Many Strange Experiences


My first experience happened just after I got pregnant with my first child. I started getting headaches and pins and needles on my skull, and this was always followed by a 'vision' of a situation, usually normal. A few days or weeks later I would get the same feeling, but then it would be the situation or moment I saw before.

It happened again at another time: I saw myself sitting on a toilet seat, looking into a bedroom. There was an arch leading to the bedroom and it's door was hanging skew. Two weeks later my husband and I went house sitting for his boss (we have never been to their house before), and in the morning I sat on the toilet seat and got that strange feeling again. Then I saw and felt it was the same place. The bedroom and the arch, with the door hanging skew.

I still get these 'visions' and they always happen, but I don't get the headaches anymore. Sometimes they get connected with my dreams.

The one time before falling asleep, I smelled perfume in my room. I never wear perfume and don't know where it came from. Later that night I felt something pulling me up, I fought it and held my pillow very tightly. Eventually, it stopped. Still don't know what it was but it happened again at a later date.

A couple I hadn't seen or spoken to in years was expecting a baby. I had a dream about them coming to show their baby to us. I called and found out the baby was born the previous day. We weren't on speaking terms before that experience.

I have had people tell me I was destined to be a 'great healer'.

I think it's about 3 years ago, I started getting the headaches again, but this time I would feel something pressing on my forehead and I would see purple when I close my eyes (normally I would see black with a little red). The headaches have subsided, but I still see a lot of purple. And sometimes the purple would pulse in circles.

I've had thoughts pop into my head that wasn't mine. "You're on holy ground" being one I remember right now.

I always know how movies will end, and I would get sudden 'insights' about stories, people or situations. The other night we were watching 'The Temp', and the character was trimming a small tree on his desk and I just heard 'ficus'. I don't know plants at all and I didn't have a clue what a ficus looks like.

I've been having vivid dreams. One in particular keeps repeating itself. My daughter had the same dream in the same week. I dreamed that my children and I are on a space ship and their father refused to come with us. We were incredibly sad. It felt very real.

I've also had things falling over for no reason, as if someone or something was trying to get my attention.

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spiritlife (8 posts)
9 years ago (2012-04-05)
Pins and needles sensation accompanied with visions, sounds like your crown chakra is active.

The feeling of being pulled out of your body, was most likely the beginning of an astral projection. Most are frightened by it, because we normally do not feel those sensations.

I feel the pressure or pulsation on my forehead whenever I concentrate on it. I feel it right now actually, but it's not intense. I see the purple and green swirling colors when I close my eyes, don't know if they are "spiritual".
NettaJetta (1 stories) (17 posts)
9 years ago (2012-04-05)
I've had premonitions come true myself a couple of times. Mine were with earthquakes, rarely I would get a very vivid vision of them and feel them... Moments later it would happen. Usually I would just get something in my head that would whisper "earthquake" and it would happen the next day...

I don't really get that as much as I used to.

But either way you seem much more developed and you should meditate. This helps...

But I would say, listen to what ever you are told... And take it into consideration. It will all make sense very soon.

And as far as your dream, I would have dreams like that as well. I think every sensitive person does, the dream where you are trying to leave the earth some how. And as humans the only things we are exposed to are planes, boats, and space ships... As far as your husband not going, in my dreams if it is a leaving "the physical" earth dream... I always take with me the same couple of people, the ones I guess I am attached to the most and I have no control over it in my dream... I just know what I see. Its possible you left your husband or your husband did not want to go because its a symbol for something else that is going on in your relationship. Not that its negative...

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