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Seeing And Hearing Things After Accident


Hi I'm new here, what I'm going to tell here is bout something weird happen to after I got accident last year. I started seeing thing's like a shadow and hearing someone voice in my head I know this sound crazy but it really happen to me, I'm still confused and frightened bout it. I knows this is not my imaginary or my imagination, feels like being watching and follow me everywhere. I know I'm not crazy and not even synchronize. At the same time I began stay away from people around and include my closed friends.

I tried to get treatment from doctor but still no change, I never told anyone bout even my family because I don't want they think I crazy or have mental illness. I have many friends but if I'm told bout this no one else will believe me. I'm not still not understand how and why this happen to me, I'm doing research to find the answer and but still not found it.

I'll try to find someone who have Conditions like me but its like find a needle in grass. I'm try to accept this but it's hard live with this situation, I'm feeling alone even to many friends but no one can't understand what I'm going through now. Try find in website how to control it but its completely hard than I think. I'll try to meditation but I never have time for it because my work. I'm scare going live like normal again, the things is every where its makes me scare. The voice always talk in my head and I'm not understand what it is say. I'm really depressed now... I really glad if someone can help me bout this, my emotional not strong for this.

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need-You (11 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-23)
Sorry, I forgot to add the link for Ayatul Kursi.

need-You (11 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-23)
Salaams Jefimat,

I hope you are better. Try seeing a Sufi Shaykh. They will be able to help you Insha-Allah

You can use Ayatul Kursi. It's very powerful against these evil things and for protection in general. If reciting it once is not enough, just keep repeating it for a stronger effect.

You can also have it on a loop playing from your computer. You can also play Surah Baqarah it is also good for keeping evil away from the home.

Take care,
Berellic (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-23)
[at] MrsMiroku, one of the incidents I had refereed to in Malaysia was of a reported mass demonic possession in a school. The media doesn't really cover it but it had shown up in few areas and is up on the internet in articles and people on YouTube mentioning it. The situation is pretty scary and sad that these people are suffering, I wish I could be there to help them. If you just google Malaysia Demonic Possession, the articles and videos will show up. I will be praying for these people. Another thing that is mentioned is that these attacks had showed up in Peru and believe to be escalating. I know its kind of weird hearing that something like this is happening but I know people and myself had dream of things like this happening.

I fully believe there are people here as myself that stand to help save souls from this type of darkness.
MrsMiroku (2 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-23)
There is definitely something demonic in relation to this indecent. I wouldn't know if it was related to the crash or maybe the crash has triggered some chemical in your brain that is able to access to see and hear things a regular person can't.

But what you need to do before it gets any worse is to learn to inhale and exhale properly to calm yourself. If it is in fact a demonic entity, it will know when you fear it, making you an easy target to taunt. Most of the time they use that to their advantage to make you feel like you're alone. Rest assure you are NOT alone!

Don't let it get to your head. You are stronger than it. By opening about this is a step other people haven't done yet. So you are a step further than most.
Berellic (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-22)
[at] Jefimat, what you seem to be experiencing are demonic entities stalking you and attempting to posses your body. I am sure many may see this as strange and it is very unorthodox to the doctors to rationalize this but many behaviors tend to be misdiagnosed with a doctors logical understanding of the human body, as it is limited, yet not taken into consideration of the spiritual.

I fully believe I can help you through your situation before it gets worse, I am also familiar with some of the spiritual attacks in Malaysia and I feel sorry for those people who are suffering.

Please email me at oneeyedpirate [at] so we can talk further on your situation. Hope to hear from you soon 😁

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