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To be concise, I am in no form an avid psychic reader. I definitely have abilities but they are not as significant as other abilities I have. As I am not completely in touch with my psychic side, I need to simply state that I am looking for what I do in regards to my mother.

A few months ago my mother was talking to the family about workers being laid off, and how she was talking to the boss about new possibilities she may have. For some reason, I got really excited about the news. To be clear, there was no news at the time that she would be going anywhere in the workplace. She has been there for years with a stable position. She was not saying anything about a possible promotion, but for some reason my mind went straight to that possibility. After that, I stopped thinking about the story she shared.

Fast forward three months and I am back to thinking about the story she told. Last night I had a dream that I told her of possible promotion and salary raise. I even have a clear amount how much she will earn in a new salary. This isn't the only dream I have had over her story. I have had previous dreams where the new boss fired her supervisor and hired a new employee, only for me to argue with the boss about why he fired the man when my mom fit qualifications.

I am at the point where I am questioning why I am even having these dreams. But to be clear, the premonition seems to becoming clearer based on new stories my mom is telling us. Like everything that is happening in my dreams is somehow aligning with her current situation. Although, I am not consciously aware of the details until I think through both stories so I know that I am not creating my own premonition.

So I would like to know, should I bring up the psychic premonition with my mom or allow fate to take its course?

Thank you!

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-20)
Dear HonorBrace234,

When it comes to premonitions they don't always come true. As you have already mentioned, your dreams have already two outcomes- 1. Of your mom getting a raise, 2. Of your mom getting a new boss.
The dreams of the future change as frequently as the present events. There are always unexpected changes, something may not always go according to the plan.

In the past, i've been experiencing the premonitions about my romantic life. It's been changing quite a few times, because a man I loved betrayed and left me. This wasn't the only case of seeing the future. For example, I knew that my sister-in-law is pregnant before she even knew it and I heard the child's name before anyone knew it was a girl.

However, your last question is if you should tell your mom about everything you saw or keep it for yourself. You can try and talk to her more to find out if it has a high possibility of happening or not, but then, she's the one who can judge if what you saw has a big chance of happening or not. She still knows more facts and the nature of relationships at her workplace.

I hope it's a little bit clearer now. If anything ask questions and i'll answer.


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