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Are These Predictions/premonitions?


I have a whole host of stories I could tell but it would take too long and this may not be the correct page for all of them. I'm choosing 4.

1. A few years ago I was on a plane home to the UK from New York. I was sleeping when the plane hit heavy turbulence and the friend I was traveling with stated that as it did so I cried out "mum!" and woke up. I checked the time when I woke up and made a note of what the time would have been in the UK. Back in the UK I went to stay with my mother a couple of weeks later and she said that the strangest thing had happened on the night I was travelling back. She had woken with a start after hearing me call out to her. She looked at the time and it was the exact time I had called that out on the plane. She offered this information before I told her about my own experience on the plane. In fact I didn't even tell her as I assumed she would think I was making it up. I think my mum was able to hear me hundreds of miles away because I called out to her when we were both unconscious.

2. There was news reporting of a girl of a similar age to me at the time that had moved from the UK to Japan, temporarily travelling and had gone missing whilst she was working as a hostess in a casino. It was in the national press but I also watched a detailed documentary about it and at the end of it I felt very sad for her and just had this awful feeling of dread that kept me awake that night and occupied my mind for some time after. The story kept popping up in the press because the parents traveled to Japan and kept appealing for help. One night I had this awful dream about my sister, that she was tortured and raped and murdered by someone and I was looking for her trying to save her because I knew something bad was happening to her. I was running along this beach calling for my sister but in my mind I knew she was already dead. I came to this cave on the beach and felt very strongly that my sister was in there. I had this urge to start digging in the cave and did. I came to a box, opened it, and inside was my sister's head. I was so traumatized I woke up and the image of the cave where I had found the box was still very clear in my mind and remained so throughout the day. My sister was away from home at university at the time and in the morning I texted her, telling her about this awful dream I had had, and that I was worried for her safety. The dream was so awful and I dwelled on it all day. It was a weekend and I didn't really sort myself out until the early afternoon and later on I came to across the daily newspaper. On the third page was a photograph of a cave on a beach in Japan where the head of the girl who had disappeared had been found buried in a box. It was the same beach I had seen in my dream.

3. A few years ago I moved away from London, where I had shared a flat with my sister, to the coast. Not long after I moved I began to have this waking dream that I would experience every day when walking to and from work. It was that I was having to enter the London Underground after a bomb had gone off to rescue my sister, who was in the early stages of pregnancy at the time. I had this waking dream over and over for months. Each time I managed to save her. On the July 7th bombings in 2005 she ran for an underground train that was leaving Aldgate East and missed it by a whisker, the doors apparently closing in her face. This was the train the bomber was on. I wonder if my having those thoughts for that long that resulted in her being saved had anything to do with her missing the train.

4. Not too long ago there was a UK reality TV star who became something of a celebrity. After a few years she was diagnosed with a terminal illness and not given long to live despite being in her late 20s/early 30s. She was sadly somewhat of a figure of public ridicule for a time largely because of a perceived lack of education and possible racist tendencies. For some reason I had always felt quite sorry for her, even before the diagnosis, because I felt she was inherently a good person and was somewhat impressionable and easily led. When I read about the diagnosis I felt very sad. She was a columnist in a popular magazine at the time and diarised her preparation for death in the column as well as in a TV show. One night I experienced something that was not strictly a dream but felt more like a hallucination I experienced upon waking in the night. I was rising up and floating out of my body and at the same time was experiencing this amazing feeling of tingling all over my entire body accompanied by a feeling of warmth and love. The tingling was like nothing I have ever felt before or since but it was amazing and not remotely sexual. I floated up out of my body into a room that looked as though it was a hospice, i.e. There was a hospital style bed and there was some equipment and medication here and there but it wasn't a hospital. I rose up and walked to the door at the end of the room. I opened the door to walk through, feeling as though something was calling me through and feeling as though I wanted to walk through the door. Just then I turned back and looked at the bed and on it was a newborn baby girl. I picked her up suddenly feeling as though she made me complete and then proceeded to open the door and walk through. I got part of the way into the corridor outside before snapping out of this and waking. I looked at the time on the clock beside my bed. The next morning upon reading the news I learned that this celebrity had passed away the previous night. Her mother made an announcement and stated the time she had passed. It was the time on my clock upon waking. Not only that but she said that as her daughter was dying she was hallucinating that she was cradling her own newborn daughter in her arms, but in reality this woman had 2 sons of school age but no daughters.

I could honestly list dozens of stories like this from my childhood to the current day. Recently I have been off work and have had time to think to myself. During this time I have felt the spirit world calling me in a way I can't put into words. I feel like I need to do something about it but I don't know what.

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nikki39101 (1 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-15)
Hello! I don't know what all of this means, but I would like to thank you for sharing your story.

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