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Predictions On Multiple Occasions


I'm definitely not kidding. It is not one or two times I have actually predicted a disaster or event. They are big events, not the small ones I usually hear about. It may be a bit too long to post everything here so I actually started blogging them. I have never told others about it, as even my own family does not believe me and shrugs it off, but I felt that this website may be the only way to prove that I can really see things happen before it really does. My predictions are usually a day or 2 days before it happens. And it always does happen. Every time it does, I get scared, with no one to tell them how I feel.

This is my website (a section of it):

Do let me know about what you think.

This is the list of events (the major ones I remember) I predicted:

Hurricane Harvey (2017)

Bangalore gang rape (2016)

Sewol Ferry sinking (2014)

Volcano Sinabung, Indonesia (2014)

Beas river tragedy (2014)

EunB and riSe death (2014)

MH370 (2014)

MH17 (2014)

Uttarakhand flood (2013)

Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004) (@ Chennai until 2 days before, could definitely feel it, even though I was still a young school going kid)

On top of these predictions, I have had many times where I have avoided the death, or just a disaster. I have not mentioned this particular one in the blog, but during the Nepal earthquake (2015), I was given an opportunity to go to Nepal as a volunteer, but turned down the as I did not have a good feeling about it. Had I really gone, I would have experienced the second quake Nepal had fallen. The other volunteers were not hurt, but they were stuck in Nepal for much longer than they expected.

I had updated the blog regularly in 2014, but lost touch for a couple of years, hence can't remember most of it. I have only started updating again in 2017.

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