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Foreseeing Death


When I was in fifth grade (I am now 20) I had a "vision" of my older brother (who is now 25) getting hit by a car and dying while picking me up from school.

Obviously being extremely young I was confused and scared. I was and still am use to seeing and hearing spirits but this was very new.

I didn't say anything to my parents, friends or brother in fear that they wouldn't believe me, but it just kept getting more and more intense. It replayed over and over in my head and every where I looked. While I was in school taking tests, playing during gym class, and even when I tried to sleep. It was all I could think about and eventually took over all of my energy.

So finally I decided to tell my parents and brother during a family breakfast. My father told me there was a name for what I saw. My mother and brother simply stared at me.

A few days later my brother picked me up from school. Wearing exactly what he was wearing in my vision and attemptedto make the same stupid decision of crossing the street without looking both was or being able to hear but I stopped him. When I did, the exact car I saw came speeding down the street not paying attention to the rhode.

My brother looked at me in disbelief that I saw, and saved his life.

I thought that would be it and I would be "normal" again but I was wrong.

I saw more people in danger, and even dying. However, the more people I told the "visions" became more foggy and less descriptive until finally it stopped (for a few years).

When I was in college (culinary school) I met this kid. Everyone is open to do drugs and such while in college its a part of the experience (I did not partake). This perticular kid however was more open to the drug world then he should of been.

When school ends we all are supposed to go go out and work for 3 months as part of the curriculum. He got hired in Orlando Florida.

One day while just relaxing I looked at him and immediately got this tingly hot feeling all over me and it hit me like a bolder.

I saw him partying in Florida doing drugs like he said he would and he overdosed. I attempted to tell him but he wouldn't listen.

When we left school to work he kept in touch for the first month but I haven't heard from him since. Not even social network updates.

Recently (the past 4 or 5 nights) I've been having these "dreams". From my experience as a child and psychology classes I know when a dream is more than just that. But these dreams were of just me, in realistic places being killed or violently hurt in some way which has made me a bit nervous but I decided to look over it.

Today, I had "dream" of a girl killing herself. I don't know this girl personally but I have seen her on a few occasions including social internet sites.

Yes, we all have bad dreams but I NEVER experienced something like this. This "dream" was just of her killing herself I saw nothing more nothing less. Just the start for the series of events for the gun to go off. It truly disturbed me and what I saw I can never unseen.

I got the same feeling I had when I saw my brother die and I am very unsure of how to take all of this.

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hrk (guest)
7 years ago (2013-10-14)
I had a similar experience: I dreamt 2 black dogs told me my neighbor was going to die. Several days later, she did. That is amazing that you were able to save your brothers life.

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