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Foreseeing A Death


I experienced something that left me emotionally not knowing what to think.

I was awake absolutely and not dreaming as this all happened over an evening.

Everything I experienced was a mix of visuals in my head and the surroundings of things going on in my life.

It started I had a vision of a hospital hallway with a doctor walking down as soon as I saw this vision in my head the feeling of death took me over. Not understanding what was going on I just tried to shrug it off but I just could not.

It's like something was telling me someone close to me is going to die.

I kept feeling huge emotions of what It feels like to die in the last 2 seconds of your life. I kept seeing visions in my head of me talking to my girlfriend and her crying And I had no clue why.

Around me in life everything was pointing to someone dying just random things happening in life that kept hinting of death.

I felt like I was experiencing someone being sick. Regardless, the feeling wasn't telling me I was the one to die it was someone else.

All the visions I seen in my head ending up happening hours later periodically.

I could not figure out who and what it is until more events unfolded throughout the hours. My night ended up in the bathroom crying as the feeling of death was so overwhelming my girlfriend came in and we started talking.

The more I explained myself of the situation of why I was crying and acting so weird she started crying... The exact same vision I saw in my head. The more I talked to her the visions, I seen in my head were coming true. All my signs are pointing to this death or sickness being her as she has been having random nose bleeds and slight random not all the time abdominal pains. She has never been to the doctor as we have never had clue as to what is going on as this is the first sign of anything being a problem and no one has ever expected anyone to be sick.

It's like god or some spirit was warning me... Telling me someone close to me is going to experience an illness that causes death. As my night ended I went to lay down and turned the TV on and as the TV came on it was a cancer commercial for women. More signs of things around me.

My feeling towards the end of the night were leaning towards a cervical cancer and someone told me she is to far gone. I cried for hours on end trying to reflect what felt like a movie.

I truly feel I was seeing the future as everything that night that, I visioned in my head happened throughout the night. The only thing I don't have answers to is if she really has a sickness and actually being at a hospital and seeing what I visioned.

The more I read about what might have happened to me the more, I think I am foreseeing a cancer that is going to take my girlfriend death.

It's absolutely scary

I'm wanting to embrace what happened to me because something is telling me I'm not crazy and this isn't a joke.

I would appreciate any feedback and If this has ever happened to anyone.

Thank you

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fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-09)
I know what you're going through... Because I have a similar ability with anyone close to me, in that I can feel when they are in danger, as well as when they have a strong emotion.

As of right now, I would forget telling her about the ability. I say this because her safety should be more important... Assuming you are dead sure that she is the one in trouble with the illness. And instead, I would try and get her to go for tests, or something to confirm it.

Chances are, if you get a warning, let alone a gut feeling then it may be able to be prevented. That's how I look at it.

If nothing is wrong with her, then still keep an eye out, because warnings like that shouldn't be ignored. Also, when all this is sorted out... My story might bring some clarification.

Best of luck- fossilera
Legendsdie (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-09)
She has no clue I'm psychic

As well as I'm still trying to understand if I really am psychic myself, as this has never happened to me in my whole life.
123hope123 (8 stories) (124 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-09)
This is something I would take action with! Does she know you are pyschic I would start with that! And then tell her what you are seeing!

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