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Monkey On My Back


The night of November 7th, 2009, I began to experience a peculiar sensation. It felt as if something was pushing on my head; the pressure was intense but not painful. It was definitely originating from outside myself, though I saw nothing in any mirror. I began to panic, because it made my neck bend to the right, even with resistance, and I felt as if it would break my neck if I didn't literally hold onto my skull and keep it in place.

No matter what I did, the sensation persisted. I possess few magical tools--my possessions tend towards a more religious/spiritual nature, and I have long since lost my pentacle--and I could barely see straight, much less concentrate through the panic.

I laid down with my arm over my head, and eventually went to sleep like that, though I was hardly comfortable. Since then, I have been mostly fine.

However, last night the sensation returned at about half-force, and now I continue to feel pressure on the upper right part of my skull, as well as on my neck and midway down my spine.

I have no idea what might have caused this, other than the fact that I am an empath, and my best friend, also a witch and an empath, has begun to associate with my ex-boyfriend, yet another very sensitive to spirits and one who is rather dark in his magick. My godmother is an extremely powerful witch, as well, and experiencing some dark and troubling times, but I can find no logical connection between my experiences and their influences--they are all 1500 miles away from me, and no one admits to sending anything my way.

I am very confused, and I am finding it hard to concentrate. I am very bored easily today, though that is not my usual demeanor, and my eyes feel wider and more vacant than any amount of sleep loss can account for. I have been sleeping 14 hours a day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, and have felt this sleepless throughout the weekend. I am no longer panicking because I do not feel the capacity to do so.

Please, any insight, advice, or similar stories?

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epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-16)
Oh I feel sorry that no one left a comment on your story. Well anyway good day to you. 😊

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