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Transcended Back In Time To Help A Lost Soul


I have always known I was not like others I grew up with. I was raised in a small East Texas town where everyone knew everyone! The town held me a prisoner for 18 years, which for me was long enough. I've always felt I was destined for greatness, just not sure how and when. I moved about 45 miles west of my hometown to Shreveport, La, which is what we called the big city! I became friends with a girl who seemed to see the world as I did, just in her own way. She and I would spend time together talking about how strange events would happen to one another. She was a massage therapist at a local spiritual spa. One day I made an appointment to see her because my back was hurting immensely. She performed the usual massage along with realigning my chakra and bringing balance and clarity to my soul. It was amazing the way she was able to use her light to bring peace and calmness to others. Little did I know, I also brought along something else with me that day. For two nights following my visit, I would see and feel someone running and jumping in my bed, a little girl around five or six years old, at the same time each night. I was terrified to the point I was unable to sleep. Finally, around 3 am, I called my friend and told her what was happening to me. Without hesitation, she asked me specific questions like is she in a white dress? Does she have blond hair with a white bow in it? Is she running around the bed and laughing? I answered yes to all those questions then asked how she knew? My friend explained this little girl (spirit) has been with her for 2 weeks now. She said when we did your energy adjustment I felt her leave the room when you did. She also rd me the girl waived goodbye to my friend and thanked her.

I tried to figure out why this little girl needed to attach herself to me. About a week later, after I was able to hone into my powers, it happened. Suddenly I was with the little girl 300 miles from my house standing outside a burned down house in the year 1890. I was 24 at the time which meant it was 2004 when this took place. No one knew she was dead or that she even existed. Her father would lock her in a closet all day while he went to work. One day, the house caught fire and she burned to death locked in a closet unable to get out. Her father never told anyone of what he had done, so her soul wandered around lost. Within a millisecond, we were back in my bedroom only now the girl was black and covered in blood, her dress deleted to her body and her hair gone. She then smiled and I never saw her again. All she wanted was someone to know what had happened to her so long ago.

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biker4jc2u (3 stories) (38 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-15)
Aw sorry for your experience, I know that cannot be easy to see a litter girl in that condition. I sort of understand I can sence spirits and sometimes the images placed in my mind are fine... Then other times it's horrific, it leaves me feeling cold

I'm glad your past that though and that you braught the little girl to peace.

I hope you've gathered some peace of your own as well. ❤
dreamer01 (24 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-10)
what a freaky experience to have. Atleast the poor little soul finally found some peace. On the flip side, I think I would be a little peeved that your friend let some spirit attatch itself to you without your knowledge or consent. Is there anyway to confirm the place where this fire occurred and any names, that would be very interesting and probably give you a solid closure to your experience. If you have anymore of these happenings please post them here for us to read.

Thanks for sharing 😊
paristata (1 stories) (16 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-09)
Wow that is pretty neat! Glad to see someone that is so close to where I live, I live in Hessmer, which is about 25 minutes south of Alexandria. Anyway, I too sense spirits and just last night, a woman pilot came to me and I asked her what happened, she did proceeded to show me green boots with the letters XL stamped on them and showed me a field with chain link fence and then I ended up in a helicopter that crashed, it was so real, I could feel it so real, once the helicopter crashed I ended up on the floor.

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