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What Is This Ability And How Do I Strengthen/control It?


I am 27 and looking for someone knowledgeable who is able to assist me in determining how to understand, exercise and more importantly strengthen an ability I've had for years. I have never had anyone who knew of psychic abilities to talk to or get insight from and I'm hoping this is the place.

I've always felt connected to the spirit world having a huge interest in it since I was very young. It's never left me and as I get older my interest only grows stronger and this feeling of needing to confirm and develop my own abilities gets greater. Since puberty this ability has started and has gotten stronger throughout the years. Since recognizing it, each time it happens I notice its happened more and more but can't seem to pinpoint how or why and I want to figure it out and somehow gain control of it rather than it seeming like random occurrences. Since recognizing it, it's as if it's gotten stronger but I feel I'm at a plateau of its development with just giving it recognition alone and now I need to know how to strengthen it.

When I think of someone I haven't talked to in a while, they will reach out to me within days. It happens pretty often. Since recognizing this ongoing trend I realize It's not as if I consciously think of the person. It's as if they 'slip' into my thoughts if that makes sense. But I don't know if I'm 'receiving' or 'projecting'. Are they thinking of me and that's what I'm receiving? Or is it that because I think of them it compels them to reach out to me? My gut tells me I am a receiver (versus the people being my organic thought projected outward which compels them to reach out to me) but I have never been able to confirm this.

When they come into my thoughts, this sounds weird bear with me, it's as if the thought is in the middle to back of my physical mind rather than a thought that I perceive in the front of my mind which is where 'my' thoughts are. By 'my' thoughts I mean if I am thinking 'i need to go by groceries' that is a 'forefront thought' that perceive to be in the foreground of my mind/consciousness. I am focusing specifically and am actively thinking this to myself. Any time I have had 'psychic' occurrences, this one about thinking of people before they reach out to me being the biggest and most prevalent, they are always in my 'background' thoughts. I don't know how else to explain it since it seems physical to me though I know it truly isn't. I could point to my head and show you where the foreground vs background thoughts 'feel' to be but explaining it here is much tougher. Oddly sometimes I think of my head physically like a filing cabinet. If I had a handle on my forehead and you could pull out like a filing cabinet, the folders in the front are my active and distinct thoughts ('i need to buy groceries') and the ones toward the middle-back are my background thoughts like when I am doing something and my mind wonders but I am not focusing directly on the thoughts, such as day dreaming. I don't specifically call upon thoughts in the back of my 'filing cabinet' they just appear. I really don't know if this is making sense but I am trying to really explain exactly how I perceive these things in case anyone has the same perception.

If I ever try to actively think of somebody to see if that would get them to reach out to me it doesn't work. It only happens when these thoughts 'slip' into my background thoughts, seemingly outside of my control, and then they end up reaching out within days. If anyone can help me understand exactly what this, why it happens and if there is any way for me to get control of this to strengthen it I would really appreciate your help! It's been too many years of me searching for these answers I cannot find. I appreciate your time to read this book I have written:)

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Psychic_fairy_21 (1 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-29)

Unfortunately, I do not have any answers to your questions... But I do feel that I experience something similar. You say that thoughts "slip into your mind", this happens to me. It is almost as if they are not my own thoughts. It is somewhat of a "vision" without the actual vision. I know it is strange, but I feel it is very similar to what you experience. Also, all of these "external thoughts" that are put into my mind also do come true. I also feel that these are at the back of my mind, and definitely not a typical "I need to buy groceries" thought. Very interesting read and I am intrigued and hope we both find answers.
starie (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-17)
So this is why I also joined this community as I'm having the same experiences and not sure what I'm to do with these gifts I've received. Hopefully we can find some answers here. Your not alone:)
unknownmystic (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-10)
Hi Struen,

My advice is to check out the AMORC. The site is here:


That is where I received my education in the spiritual world for the most part. Might shed some light on stuff for you.

Good luck!
SagittariusKay (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-10)
I cannot awnser myself but I do know what your going through. I'm also interested in the same things as you are. I hope someone can help you!

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