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A Trip Back In Time


I am pretty spiritual and I know a lot of stuff about psychic powers and I practice rituals and stuff, and I'm aware that I can really do a lot of stuff but something really really changed my perception today.

As the title suggests, I think I've traveled back in time. I wasn't aware I could really do this and it was just some "wishful thinking" or whatever, I didn't really invest emotion or energy into this thought but yet again I think it happened.

It all started when everything in my life began to crumble. My friends were disappearing (everybody started ignoring me), my motivation has been driven in the ground, and I've been doing exceptionally worse in college. I really had nobody to turn to besides a single person. Not even my family could help me. And I thought "What if I could go back in time and maybe attempt to fix some of this stuff before it gets worse?".

I only had this thought once, never again did I bring it up and consider this possibility.

And now today, I think it actually happened. I have retained all my memories before that thought popped up in my mind and I can definitely tell something has changed.

I watch a lot of youtube for entertainment purposes, and I have eidetic memory. I can recall the details of videos almost perfectly.

I went back from college, tired as always. I go in my room and I decide to watch a new video from one of my favorite youtubers. Guess what... That new video is not new. In fact I've seen it before, I can recall every detail. I was like "Didn't I see this before? Hmmm maybe it's a mistake or a re-upload". I search for all the videos of that youtuber, it was from a series of videos so it was pretty easy to search and find. Turns out this video never existed, even though I have perfect memories of it existing.

Then I realize that maybe I went back in time. I realized that I've been reliving the last segment of reality (about 1 month of life) again. The same situation, same events, same problems with my family and friends.

And you know what's the only thing that I learned from this? It wasn't worth it. I had the chance to change everything again, but I didn't. Yes, some parts I really did change because I had some strong moments of deja-vu and my intuition was just screaming at me "stop doing whatever you're doing and don't do anything bad". But the bigger picture? Nothing changed.

Feel free to discuss, take this as a thread discussing the ability to go back in time by whatever means like psychic abilities, rituals or spells if you want, because I honestly have no idea what's going on anymore.

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FrysT (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-23)
Nah I'm pretty sure it wasn't just a "future" vision or whatever. I am 100% certain I was present there physically.
I've had my fair share of deja-vus and other things but I can make the difference between them. Also I've forgot to say this but during the whole experience I had some strong feelings of deja-vu but they never happened, which is really odd for me.
masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-22)
Intrusting...if youre sure you were awake during the first time it all happened...I'd have to go with Psychic. It sometimes happens with me too. I am pretty sure I have done something before and It feels like I am doing it again.

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