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I don't really feel comfortable saying whose death I predicted though some of you could most likely infer it. (In fact, I happen to believe that some of you probably predicted it as well simply because of how strongly and widely he impacted us all in his death.) Still, out of respect I will be keeping his name out of it.

For months, he would pop up in my mind. I didn't think anything of it. I had predicted one death previously though it was fresh in my mind at the time, but that had been through contact. I'd hugged the person goodbye and had known it would be the last time I would see them. But this actor would pop up in my mind and I would always wonder where he was from. I thought he was from my state. (Spoiler alert, he wasn't.) But I would always be stuck trying to figure out if that was him or if I was confused, and I would always forget to look it up later. This frustration caused me to voice my question. I asked family and friends whenever it came to mind. This gave me some proof once it happened.

I also had a huge internal crisis about the method of how he passed away the week of his passing. I never dreamed that the repetition of him in my mind and this internal debate could be connected. He passed away and the world went mad. We all knew when it happened. I came downstairs and told my parents, who didn't believe me. My brother came upstairs and said his gaming friends had told him. My online friends were freaking out. My Grandmother called the house to tell us! Everyone knew.

I didn't feel as guilty as I did for my uncle's death. I'd known, in a way, but not in a million years would I have put two and two together like that. And if I had known explicitly, how could I have contacted him or his family? I wouldn't have been able to. It would've been useless. Many people I know cried over him, but I found that I felt unworthy of it. I'd appreciated his work and the joy he brought, but I hadn't been the hardcore fans they were, (even though I enjoyed his contributions to the industry greatly) and I hadn't known him personally. I wish I had, as many do, but I didn't. So it didn't feel right to cry over him.

I'm usually pretty emotional with deaths so this was unusual. The most I cried was because this made me have what I call a "guilt relapse" about my first death prediction.

I'm troubled that our world is no longer graced with such a wonderful human being who brought so many such joy.

I'm grateful that a few close friends now know I have some sort of psychic ability and still accept me for me.

I wish he could have lived a long and happy life, but I hope he is at peace.

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GraceLohker (3 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-05)
Moodykinz you really hit the nail on the head. As previously stated, I wasn't going to mention what celebrity's death I predicted (admittedly, this was partially out of shame) but I am floored that someone else predicted his death as well!

I suspected that might happen, considering how much of an impact it had on everyone, but I'm surprised to have actually gotten in touch with someone who did.

If you want to talk more, I'd be more than happy to. I'd really like to swap stories and experiences with someone who knows what this is all like, the celebrity death and family death thing. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I haven't been on this site in a long time.
moodykinz (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-06)
I also experienced this same premonition. It was different for me though. I also have had many experiences where I have hugged someone and known it was the last time, of course it has always felt wrong to tell them that, and I was too young both occasions to really feel confident in the thought. I can recall twice that has happened, once with my grandfather, and another occasion with a very close family friend.

I have never had a celebrity death prediction, so this was actually very strange for me. For countless months before I remember him being also on my mind. Although I grew up with him, so it was easy to assume I just missed watching his movies. I asked my boyfriend on several occasions to watch Ms. Doubtfire with me, because he had never watched any of his films. When I went on Netflix to find the movie, I realized I had only dreamed it had been there, so I gave up on the idea.

The week it happened a close friend of mine spent the night, and we ended up watching the Princess Bride, I recalled his films again, and suggested we watch Flubber together. She had never seen the film, but we laughed, and I just associated the event with nostalgia.

The night before it happened was insane, I had a full out panic attack while we were at a friend's house. It took several hours for me to finally calm down that night, and I really couldn't understand why the event happened.

The following day early in the morning I went to my boyfriend's house, while he was showering I once again had a massive panic attack, this time I cried, and felt an immense amount of pain. I felt the strong (familiar) urge to end my own life. Although I realized had no reason for it, and honestly I didn't understand why. It only took a few minutes of my boyfriend talking me through it to calm down.

Later that day, I got a telephone call from my friend that had spent the night with me a few days prior. She exclaimed how "strange it was that we had just watched, and cherished his film a few days prior", and I of course said "yes, isn't that strange". But for some reason, I felt no sadness, only a lifted weight.

Later when the news came out about the times, and when he was found, I found out that it had correlated with my panic attack earlier in the day.

My boyfriend on this occasion was briefly disturbed, but since this occasion, and many more he's spent time asking me "Are you psychic?", I'd love to call it that, but sometimes I feel guilty that my emotions, and dreams are so strongly attached to people and events.

I genuinely feel a sort of guilt for knowing, but not being aware enough with my feelings to truly say to myself "He's going to pass".
GraceLohker (3 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-03)
I'm not familiar with prophetic dreams, so I would recommend submitting that story on this site when possible and changing the comment status to seeking help.

On the other side of things, I'm very interested in dream translation and often use to translate dream symbols. Death in dreams does not always mean death in real life. This might be interesting for your friend:
TheMoonlitMidnightNightmareKid (14 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-02)
Death? Wow!
That's kind of cool and scary!
My friend... Not saying any names... Has this dream, her family... Dieing before her, her brother breaking his back falling down a well with no water, she only told me that part of her dream... Her brother doesn't like her, he said to her one day " better sleep with one eye open ", so yeah, her brother is scary at times.
Does that mean anything to her?
Or is it just a nightmare?

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