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When I enter historical places, rooms etc. I take on the body position of the people who were there and I am able to describe in more less detail what happened. I have tested this a few times because I thought maybe I had a psychological problem. One of my most vivid memories was visiting a plaza where a political figure had been assassinated. I was apart of a group, not hearing the story or knowing anything outside of the fact that the plaza was a political gathering place, I was compelled to the site where a man had been shot and my body faced the window where he had been shot from and I had a look of disgust on my face. Later I was told the story by the guide that the president of the country was murdered in front of me from a gunman from the window I was looking at. This awareness felt almost inescapable while traveling, I would take on the position of the people the guide would talk about before he talked about them and I would look to the places he would discuss before he discussed them. Wondering what was going on with me, I tested what I thought to be psychic in nature. I visited an old house and used this sense to know that: a beloved dog lived there, his favorite place, children were desired but the couple was unable however adopted, the man's favorite room etc. I wrote down the predictions on paper and I was right. I even knew where hidden doors were to cellars. The receptionist did not believe me, I asked her to double check what she told me, she found out that she was incorrect and there was a cellar downstairs. I get compelled feeling to take on characters that existed in spaces, it becomes the most comfortable and natural position for me to take even when I don't want to. Could someone offer me some explanation and guidance? What is going on with me and any suggestions on how I should respond to what I experience?

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