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I am now 52 years old and have lived with this all my life I scared the hell out of my mam who is now sadly passed away, she used to tell me I was like my nan who new things before they happen or talk to dead people, I wish I could get the lottery numbers then maybe it would be useful. I can tell you what has happened to me if anyone is interested but this is hard for me as I feel like a nut.

I think I have seen ghosts or whatever you want to call them from a very early age I was told by my mom that I saw and described a ghost when I was only six years of age it helped that my mam saw her in the end which freaked her out. I was playing football with my mates when I was about thirteen when I got a really bad feeling about my home I raced to a phone box and in them days it took two pence and told my mam to get out of the house at the same time the fire brigade knocked on the door saying there was a really bad gas leak in the street. M y best mate who is a lot older than me wife died a few years ago she was very dear to me and a really good person I woke up in the middle of the night to find her sitting on my bed we discussed my mate and how she wanted me to look after him which was not a problem as he is still my best bud and that she was happy because she was with her son who had died very young. The next day I went too work and one of the lads who worked for me asked what was wrong and I told him about my mates wife dying I completely forgot it was in my head then I got a phone all from her son telling me she had passed away and he said you already told me that. Years later my friend told me that he new I already new new she had died his answer was you two are always weird.

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