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Creatine Enhancing Psychic Stamina


I started taking creatine for the gym. I noticed when studying psychic exercises I had more stamina.

My problem with training as a psychic is stamina. I have the skills but I get tired after too much training. My brain is not tired just my psychic powers are. I possibly train too much. I noticed when taking creatine I had more stamina and could do psychic exercises more. I noticed I could just never end. I liked it. Then when I came off creatine I lost my enhanced stamina.

I noticed when training at home with dead objects I got tired after a while. I often train with trading cards using them as zenner cards. However, too much of anything is bad for you. When you do the same exercise too much you just end up running yourself into the ground. It gets old after a while. You need to vary it or train with people. I also train the dice with a box like Uri Gellar did with the CIA. This is a hard one to do and not for beginners.

I just train and when I notice my results decline I assume I am worn out and need a break. I do this alot. Just when on the awful stuff called creatine I can last longer. Freaky really, like the same thing I get in the gym I get in psychic training.

I must warn people creatine is not good for you. A local pharmacist advises me against taking the stuff as it ain't good. Your body has the correct amount of creatine and when you take more of it unbalances things. Horrible stuff. Also, it numbes your muscles so you don't feel pain in them and can be injuring yourself without even knowing. Awful stuff illegal in France.

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Daemon (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-17)
And another thing is that you end up using the substance as a crutch, which would not be necessary.It's just like with exercises, some will tire you out completely when you first start them, but after repeating the same thing (and later gradually increasing the difficulty) for a while, you'll notice that your own endurance to that specific thing will increase.

It does take time but at least you'll get stronger as time goes on, instead of relying on a temporary boost that helps for THAT moment but won't add much for you in the end. You have to decide which one you want, the temporary (and with certain setbacks) or the permanent solution.
ArcanumInvestigator (23 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-04)
Very interesting & I use cannabis. Learning to micro dose, I've found that it helps the pressure build up & headaches. And some stamina. I do get carried away cause of other altered states I try to induce I'm meditating now in little ways. I'm trying to balance PK & ESP. But a few times a week is possibly. Try the Am I Psychic app iTunes. Many new apps. Also timer function 1 minute 3 minute.
Breaks are necessary but also I've found it takes a few rounds to get the juices going. Also relaxing is the best for results I know harder said than done but it'll become a natural. 🙏 keep up the good work.

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