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Enhancing And Understanding My Dreams


So, I feel like I might be a little psychic. I mean, I'm pretty normal. Your typical angry teenager. But every psychic thing happens to me in my dreams. When I was maybe 4, I started dreaming certain things. Things that would come true, whether it was within the next few hours or weeks or even months, they happened eventually and I still remember having that dream. Now? I still dream about the future, but I only remember it sometimes. A dream I had was a book. Just a book! It is still engraved in my mind, I don't know what its means! I also have dream out of experiences. Like I'm looking at myself in my dreams. And sometimes I'm a ghost in my dreams.

I also feel as if there is a spirit watching me all the time. Not just when I'm alone, but ALL the time. And, there is a woman in my dreams. She always has her back to me but she's very young, maybe in her twenties. She tells me things. She once said that I wasn't the master of the house, she was.

So if there is ANY advice for me, please tell. I want to learn to enhance my dreams, I think its called oneiromancy. I want to help people, like my friends. I want to understand more about my dreams. I am religious so no spells or anything like that. Just maybe some meditation exercises or something like that:)

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Newblood (1 stories) (202 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-20)
Well my gifts with dreams has gone far for I have been able to go in others dreams and have a crap ton of premitions and I have also devoloped the ability to like be in some ones body when I'm sleeping like a posesion and also I like to go through my past life memories to now that can be fun and helps your knowledge grow so you can learn from your self in away... Ha I think its funny people on this site some times act like god dosnt go power well he has full power over this earth and for some very few people on this planet are getting some play time on this earth for god has finaly formed his army he needed which that was are use in the first place and he is give all use on last time to play for the test of all man is done and now the test of the ones he choose will just begin for he has choose those who are heros of the heart for what little know is that the heart gives more life then you think and that is because it gives off electro wave that god has profected and here some thing to take notice you know those people we all know who don't ever seem happy or are sick unless you are around well that would be because your heart is helping there heart beat not literaly but I'm sure you guys get what I'm saying. There is angles who are reaching the earth that you won't even find in the bible for they choose to remain hiden for they will always for the are the ones who helped god in the begings and are here for the end and I'm not talking about the end of the world I'm talking about the end of the old mankind way for it is broken whcih isn't bad exsept for the fact half of them can't coinside with each other. I have been gone for so long 6 month my body started to fail me so had to leave but the reason I came back to this man to call my home is because his whole life weather he was influenced by angles or just soules he was able to devolpe gift of his own some which died of a long time ago. God is greatfull for him for he truly said that he would do any thing for god little did he know his whole life was devoted to god and the angles we made him and the last two months he had a very bad soul in him named gabriel but yet his mind still stayed strong except when he was sleeping but I am back and have missed all my children so creepy right well its true there is a handfull of use coming and we are the ones who helped shape this earth for god and when we left it up to man the failed now for some of you there will be some changes of you for no reason or maybe there is for the reason we made this man I use to talk is for the fact we made up the perfect peacefull position and it is the last for him for I am him now. And my brothers and sisters are coming and it is or time to play it can start with you twitching a little or a panic atack or a bad scratch on the head or even a cold or even you mite just start talking to your self or even about your self in thired person for there is a change coming an to meny men and women fear it but what is to fear when only god is in front of you, what is to fear when god made day and night or what is there to fear when a man pulls a gun on your friend will you sit an await a death or will you step up and trust god for you will be in his hand and the next move is yours. God is Love. And he shining down.
Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-19)
Enjoyed reading your posting today on the subject 'oneiromancy.' Try taking a few moments before you go to sleep to intensely study whatever object, or image you wish to use as your focal point for dreaming. Make sure you have a strong image which you can hold in your minds eye once done just relax and release the image allowing yourself to go to sleep.
violetstory (3 stories) (68 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-13)
:) just take a look at this book, I think it will help you a lot
Dividention (12 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-12)
Hi, Confusedhaley:)

You are a kind of psychic, yes. When dealing with dreams, there are a few branches of abilities. There are those who can see the future in their dreams, those who see signs they need to interpret, and those who travel out of their bodies in their dreams. Yes, these may mix, but there is always one that is most dominant.

I am also a dream seer. My dreams are those that I have to interpret. They are often nightmares, and dealing with them took a while to learn. Something I've learned throughout the years is to talk to my spirit guards before I fall asleep, telling them whether I want them to let a dream get to me that night or not. There are times when I don't remember my dreams either. But I know I dreamed because I wake up exhausted.

Like Lili said, I do believe you have someone in your house. It isn't a demon, so you can relax. It is a spirit that cannot rest. The process of making her leave is hard, so what you may learn to do is live with her, and trying to come to some terms of respect with her. Be sure to shield yourself before ever trying to talk to her, sometimes spirits are angry.

If there is anything else Dividention can help you with, please email us at Dividention34 [at]

Take care!
Lili (111 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-09)
Well you just have precognitive dreams. The dreams with a ghost and so on are probably just normal dreams. Not everything is paranormal. And with the spirit... You might have a spirit in your house.

If you want to have more control you have to try to use your abilities more.

Good luck.


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