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Various Psychic Encounters


Just a few of my encounters

New member here. Not new to the psychic phenomenon.

At a young age. I could always see orbs... The orbs in which people. Take picture and later look at the pictures to come to a surprise to see a orb "floater" ball of energy"" dust " as claimed to be by many...

But I see these orbs in my human eyes. Not my peripherals. I can see them long enough to catch. The "orb " as it floats.

Last about a few seconds, but a few seconds enough to watch it travel.

Later in life I noticed through mediation they come into my reality a lot more. And are more vivid.

I now adays do not get lost in seeing the orbs. And trying to figure out what they are trying to say to me.

But rather acknowledging that, in seeing the orb. That was the message it self. That I was on track. Or I could just be a lucky person to witness those and I leave it at that

Another experience. I was at a park sitting down. I heard a large horn. Like a huge horn. I looked around got up. Only to witness 5...6 Amish dressed individuals a good distance away. Standing. Holding hands. So I tried to see them. I went closer to where I saw them and they vanished. So I do believe I saw Spirits

Once I was in bed. It was night time and I noticed dark shadows floating in my ceiling. Like I could literally see about 2.3. Figures if I could say that. More so shadows. Just floating.

But keep in mind my room was dark... So the dark of the shadows was a different hue. Different enough then the normal darkness of night time. For me to be able to see such a thing

The issue I had with that is I felt negative energy not positive.

But those are my encounters. More so my question is geared towards the shadows I saw. I know I clearly saw them they gave a bad vibe off. Just curious if anyone has encountered these.

Feel free to ask anything or add anything.

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Newbeginning (17 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-06)
You have a demonic Attachment. All of these things happened to me too. Then I went and got deliverance.

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