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The Grimm Reaper


I have had many experiences with seeing the grim reaper. In one story there was this tall dark shadow about 12 feet tall from the distance I stood, and it stood there like as if it were watching me and it was night time. Two days after seeing that shadow my uncle passed away. Another instant of seeing the reaper stand over my mother in law and it was night time and people in her family counting two people had passed away one being her brother and the other her little brother its like that reaper followed her until she lost those people in her life. These happened in one year of seeing the reaper. Just about three months ago I seen another reaper flying through the sky and disappear into some tall pine trees during the day, and later that night I had a bad feeling because I already knew my cousin was on life support and when he left he passed away only 3 hours after me seeing the reaper. Just 2 weeks ago I had seen a faint reaper like its color was faint but black like any other reaper this reaper was smaller in size and just disappeared into the roof of a house and in morning daylight, and just 3 days after seeing that small faint reaper, my cousin had a tubal pregnancy and lost her baby because of the tubal pregnancy meaning she was only 4-6weeks pregnant the day she lost the baby at the hospital, and it was so devastating to me because I can't believe how this is all happening to me how do I accept these sightings and not think I'm crazy, how do I pray for it to stop only knowing that I have to live with it. Because I have prayed for all these things not to be death or not to be of bad or anything like that and its only something I can see and just can't stop and only have no choice to accept. How I can only think of it now is I have no choice to accept death. Its sad. Its hard for me. Its unbelievably hard emotionally. Its tough. My question here is no question at all but for one thing how do I be strong and not cry or feel the emotion that comes with tears after the sight of a reaper. Its sad.

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-12)
i have seen him also he is black cape. Long rod. With sickel. On the end. He has no face. Pretty scary he came when my uncle John Pratt died 2 years ago. My uncles funeral was 1500 miles away and it was in Georgia. I live in Illinois. However, the angel of death walked through my house for a week. The days of Uncle John Pratts wake and funeral. When my uncle was buried the angel finally stopped appearing. While the angel of death was walking through my house I asked my daughter I hope he is not going to take one of us. I was praying at that point. The angel of death just walked up and down my house walking back and forth. The angel of death only appeared at night time.
lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-04)
Dear sheritta

You really need to study about to better understand the meaning of life and is not what you think it is!

Real life is not here in a body that will end one day; our real life is the spiritual life. We are immortal spiritual once God create each of us. What is one life of 60 or 80 year compared to eternity? Just a second in your actual life... So death among the infinity lives you will have is nothing!

Just for your information when a person dies, this process is fully assisted by good spirits, always we have friends, relatives who arrived before us and especially our protector spirit. Like the birth of a new child in family is surrounded by love, affection, and happiness. It is just the same when we returned to our real life the party is as large as the birth!

What you saw was just spirits probably not evolved ones due to the color you reported they use or even just a sign... But do not link bad spirits with the death around you!

If you need more info about, look on those 2 books:


Good reading!
jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-27)
Dear sheritta,

Death is part of our circle of birth and rebirth in this reality. Seeing the grim reapers and experiencing the death of ones close to you is one of the signs of you being connected to spiritual side.

Yet, it all is sad, you should cry when you're sad to relieve the emotions inside. If not, they're going to well up inside of you and become stronger and stronger, giving other beings place to mess with you. Meditate to clear your mind and over time the sadness will be gone. Don't dwell on the past, especially the hurtful one - it's making it all worse.

If you have any questions or seek more advice, i'm here to help and provide you with the information and support.

Stay strong


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