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White Smoke And Then Reaper


At about 3 am a couple of weeks ago their was like white smoke swirling around in my closet and it felt as if someone was their and most of my clothes were knocked off the hangers I did not hear or see that happen but found them on the floor later. Then just two mornings ago about 3am I woke up feeling like someone was staring at me. By my door looked like the grim reaper from pics I've seen could not see his face but the scayth he carries was glowing but hook part on the ground he then went to in front of opening to my walking closet it has no door on it just an opening. I can't help wonder does the swirling smoke two weeks ago have to do with his presents also and why. Then I remember when I was 17 I'm now 49 I woke up to people depressed in black and one woman standing at the end of my bed after the rest disappeared I later found out my cousin was killed in an automobile accident about the same time, so my recent experience with what look like the reaper trying to find out who and when or has something already happen to someone or was he their because of presence in the closet? I've only been living here with a friend for five months now. Is this a warning for me or someone close to me or did he possibly come to get whatever was in the closet? Everyone thinks I'm crazy that I had to be dreaming but I was wide awake. Anyone else see the grim reaper I've never believed he existed until a couple of days ago. I believe in presence and spirits but always thought the grim reaper was a hoax. But now I've seen the figure first hand and I'm scared, anyone else?

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
6 years ago (2016-07-12)
I have seen the grim reaper he is 12 feet tall. Black cape. Bony hands. Sickel on end of hands. Walks back and forth. During a funeral and wake and then leaves when the person is buried.
ljcress (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-02-05)
Guess what I found out that my stepmother died that same morning and time I saw the grim reaper! We hadn't spoke since my dad past away in 2006 we got in an argument over the way she was treating him with his alheizmers I had flew down to see him he didn't know who I was and she was cussing and yelling at him when getting him dressed and I got really angry and we argued then after his funeral we hadn't spoken since, why would the grim reaper be letting me know she past?
theoreo (6 stories) (9 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-25)
I have seen the Grim Reaper on numerous occasions. Little is known about them but from what I've come to understand is that their nor good or bad. Well for me when one shows up a death usually follows afterwards. It could be within hours, days or even a week but that the death will come. Trust me the Reaper is very very real. It's often a warning sign of death. I'm not sure what to make of the smoke but it very well may be the same thing. Think about it, spirits aren't idiots. They think like you or I or even more so because they are now part of the spiritual world. For a Reaper or any spirit to manifest it must take energy. If it didn't want to be seen then it wouldn't make itself known. Spirits can accidentally be seen because most are new into the afterlife. But Reapers being such old entities do not make the same mistake. Other spirits like to be seen for certain reasons. But every entity has a reason to be seen because it takes energy to contact the physical world. If you want to talk about it more email me madi_s [at]

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