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Trying To Save Jon


For the last few years, since I moved out of my first apartment, I have been visited by a ghost teen named Jon. At first it was a typical haunting and I wasn't worried. I could go into what did happen but this is not the place for that story. In the end, Jon became my protector. He kept away the things I couldn't see or fight myself. As there is still so much I need to learn in order to understand my gift.

One night after I got home from work I decided I needed to start drawing the feelings and experiences I was having. It started out harmless. Sketches of little things that didn't seem to bother anyone. Then one night, I decided I needed to learn more about Jon. He comes and goes in my life and I figured it was time to ask him about his life. With some practice and after a long mediating session, I learn he died as a young boy from some kind of unnatural illness. What I saw in the vision was him, laying in bed. With a woman standing in front of him. I thought she was crying, but he looked so pale and sickly I couldn't concentrate on her. Whatever had killed him left him with a long, painful death. I was overwhelmed with sadness and it took me a long time to get over what I had seen. Shortly after I got better, Jon disappeared. Only coming back when thing's got rough with another entity attached to someone else I live with.

Here's the thing, a few weeks ago, I started getting the image of another boy. A little younger then Jon. With dark black hair framing a pale face and even darker eyes. This kid seemed insane, you could tell something was wrong with him when he was alive. He kept telling me that I need to give back what I had taken from him. I knew he served something else. That what I "had" was Jon. It seems when I moved and gave permission to Jon to come with me. I allowed him to leave the house that was, in my personal opinion, hell. That morning, I had images of a dark dragon, chasing this sliver wolf like creature with a ball of blue light. I forced myself to stop thinking about it. Until Jon came back today, panicked and afraid. He told me that boy is dangerous. To be careful. I felt the urge to draw again, this time a rather frightening image. Jon was being consumed by the house I had freed him from. There was also a new "entity" that wasn't there before. A woman, whom I think is the spirit of a long dead witch. I think she gave Jon to whatever is demanding him back. I just want to know if there is anyway to help him. I tried to release him twice now. Once from the house. Again into the light.

These people are old. They've been tied to that land for a long time, since at least the 1830's. I just can't bear to let them take him. I know, well feel like Jon was used in some kind of a way, by a person whom didn't care for him.He's a good kid and I know I was put here to help. So I came here. Would anyone be willing to help? Or know of a way to keep him safe? I felt the pain he went through. The loneliness. He's done so much for me, and in a way is my spirit guide and friend. I would love to hear from someone who feels like they can help. Thank you.

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