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My Story From The Beginning Up Until Now


Where do I begin? My psychic experiences all began when I was very young.

My mother once told me that when my grandad passed away and she attended his funeral, she left me at her friends house as it wasn't the place for a 2/3 year old. She came and picked me up, somehow I knew exactly who was there, the music that was played and where people sat. This was when she first realised there was something different about me. To be honest I actually remember a young boy telling me all these details. I have no idea who he was.

The second thing I did that freaked my mum out a little was when we were driving past a load of houses. I said to her "that's where we used to live, mummy." And I pointed out a house. It's true, my mum did used to live there - I however did not and knew nothing about it, or so it seemed I guess.

I also had an imaginary friend, my dad stamped that out of me but if I remember rightly his name was either Jason or James. This wasn't the usual imaginary friend. I could see him as clear as day, he would tell me that he would watch over me, make sure nothing bad happened. My father was very volatile so this was quite a great comfort. I know the rules say not to post about dreams but I just want to say this one thing: I had the same nightmare, every night, for 5 or 6 years. It was a creepy shadow on my wall that used to talk to me, I'd wake up screaming but I could have sworn I was awake already. I called it "the black shadow dream". Then one night I dreamt about Jason/James, I saw my grandad who had died and a lot of other people I had never met. I remember Jason/James was wearing a football shirt, black and white striped. He took me down to the shop to get some sweets. I woke up and I called it my "white dream" and when I told my mum about it she said that all those people were relatives who had passed away. After that I have NEVER had a black shadow dream.

Anyway, moving on. Odd little things like that kept on happening.

When I was about 10/11 years old I came downstairs one night to find my mum and sister doing a Ouija board. I stayed and watched but was never allowed to touch. From that day onwards bad spirits (and good) followed me in physical form, up until, well, I'm not sure I have managed to get them to leave just yet - the bad ones I mean I want the good ones to stay.

I remember when I was about 12, it was Christmas and my mum sister and brother were arguing in the kitchen. We had a dining room in between the kitchen and living room and it had glass doors. I was quite happily playing with a monster truck when I saw the most terrifying thing I think I've ever seen. A shadowy hooded figure walked straight through our dining room and through the wall. I was so petrified I screamed the place down. From that moment on I would not go upstairs by myself. I felt safe in my room but having to walk past my mums room was terrifying. I don't know why but I always got an extremely bad feeling about it. I had to have my sister or mum watch me while I went upstairs.

I think it might have been the same Christmas or the one following, I was lying on the floor in front of the TV. I turned around said something to my mum and nan who was staying for Christmas, turned back to the TV, turned around a few seconds later and my nan had disappeared. I said "where's nan gone?" My mum responded with "Kat, she's been gone for 20 minutes." So I explained what I saw and what she was wearing to both my mum and nan when she returned and my nan said "that's my mum". I felt a sense of relief.

Odd things would happen around the house too, I would hear my grandad who had died when I was younger whistling away. The sofa cushions would be lined up flat on the sofa. The drawers in my bedroom would be closed one minute and not the next. And so on. All this would happen just before something bad would kick off with my dad or brothers. It was like our loves ones were warning us. Speaking of odd things happening when I was younger my dad used to hit the roof with me because his guitar strings had been tampered with but I had never touched them.

Those things would happen all year around. Then my other grandad passed away, that Christmas afterwards, me my mum and my sister were all trying to be happy and have fun, we were actually dancing around in the kitchen while washing the dishes and all of us saw my grandad standing in the doorway. I however was the only one that could hear him laughing.

These sort of things became a regular occurrence in my life. Then one day I was about 14/15 and I went to a spiritualist church. They saw straight away that I could be a medium. They were all drawn to me, so we attended a workshop to build mediumship skills. I was placed with a crystal ball and a fellow church goer that I had barely spoken to. I somehow managed to describe his grans house to a T. I also managed to describe his grandmother and what she liked doing.

I was also told I could be a healer because my hands are permanently warm - but I don't know how true that is.

However following a year or so at the church, I became quite ill. I'm not sure if I didn't protect myself well enough from the evil spirits but there we go.

When I was ill all these psychic abilities were stamped out of me. They were put down to me being ill. Which I knew it wasn't but people kind of trained me to block it out and ignore it. Personally I believe my anxiety attacks and the voices I hear in my head are actually spirits because I can picture the people who go with the voices I just don't know who they are.

Up until September time last year (2014) I have avoided anything to do with spirit for fear I might just be crazy. But then in September when my lifelong companion dog Scamp passed away I needed to believe again. I attended a spiritualist church and I got an indirect message about Scamp and I knew I had to believe. From that day forward I haven't felt grief, because I can feel Scamps presence. I know he's never too far away, heck I can feel him sleeping down my side at night!

Since then I have had a busy life with moving house etc I haven't had chance to deal with this. Until tonight when I sense many spirits around me. I am having to keep one undesirable one away with my grandads help, but other than that I don't really know how to interact with them anymore.

But I have found out one very interesting thing relatively recently: what I thought was Jason or James is in fact a brother of mine who was miscarried. My mum named him Andrew but during a ouija board she did one night they found out he wanted to be called James. I think I may have found my spirit guide.

I also sometimes see auras, but I don't understand much about that right now.

I am going to pursue my gift and try and master how to communicate with them. If anyone's got any ideas on how to harness this gift and improve on it please let me know.

Thanks for reading my story:)


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Boson (179 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-25)
Hi Kat,

Thanks for sharing your life story about these paranormal experiences. I certainly sounds like you would have a natural psychic ability. If I were you, I would think about how your abilities can best be used to help yourself and others. That is my own desire that I keep in my heart when I do healing work and other psychic work. It just feels good inside when you are able to help someone.

I would also like to mention that you may want to learn about proper protection before beginning any kind of psychic/spiritual work.

I hope this helps a little.


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