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Selena And The Woman


When I was 16, I attended a self-directed learning institute; in a small city in Manitoba. Other teenagers attended this institute. We all knew each other to a certain degree, but only a few of us were friends. My sister who also attended, would associate with another girl there named Selena. Selena was a very fun loving, out going kind of person. I always liked her. Every so often, she would invite my sister and I over to her apartment to partake in the smoking of marijuana. It was considered a social event to us as adolescents. One day, while there. Selena told us that she was taking a greyhound bus out to see her boyfriend in Alberta. We then proceeded to reflect on an incident which had occurred some time recently. It was about a mentally estranged man that had decapitated another man while riding on a greyhound bus. Selena disclosed that she did harbor some degree of fear about taking the bus. Nevertheless, she left. While she was gone, life resumed. It was during this time that I had a very interesting dream. In the dream, I sat window side on a charter bus. For some reason I thought of myself as some sort of gypsy. As I was wearing a questionable attire. I was consciously present in the dream but knew somehow that my body, was not mine. I knew that I was occupying the vessel of another mind. Perhaps even the thoughts of that other mind. How I knew or obtained this information is beyond me. Anyhow, during the experience I looked down in my lap. There was a bag packed with two bags of lays ketchup and salt'n vinegar chips and some plastic wrapped submarine sandwiches; white bread, white or mozza cheese and ham. Out of nowhere, I decided to eat everything before me. When I was done, I left my seat and rushed to the interior bathroom where I proceeded to vomit everywhere. Around this time I started having less control over the vessel. It was like the other mind was butting in. I quickly left the bathroom without cleaning up. I even remember there being vomit on my purple/rouge skirt. As I was walking down the isle back to my seat, I saw Selena herself heading my way. I quickly sat and she passed me by on her way to the same bathroom. As you can imagine, she did not stay long in the facility. In fact I don't even think she went in. I remember her leaving the bathroom and walking back down the isle saying. "That's disgusting, oh my god gross!" Behind her it looked as though the driver was turning his head to look. That was where the dream ended. I awoke in the morning thinking it was weird but making no attempt to pursue further thought of it. At school that day Selena returned with news of her engagement. While smoking outside she told us about the wedding plans. At some point in our conversations she started talking about a nasty experience she had while taking the bus home. She said that there was a woman on the bus who had brought an excessive amount of food, and that she watched her consume all of it to herself. Selena said she was disgusted by how much the woman had eaten. She described how the woman ate every bit then proceeded to the washroom where she threw it all up. She expressed her disgust in telling us how she went into the bathroom and saw the state of it, then ran back to her seat. Recognizing vomit on the woman's dress she made the assumption that the woman was mentally handicapped. When she told this story I immediately cringed. I tried to explain my dream to her, assuming full responsibility for the woman's state but she couldn't believe me. Who would? Regardless of the time and detail I put into explaining it.

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Photican (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-16)
It doesn't only happen in dream state. However that is an issue I'm still working with. As far as the ability goes, I could be anywhere. Sitting at the table with tea, Walking outside, Shopping at the mall and I'll imagine other places and being with people I've never met. For instance if you've ever seen The First 48 Hours. There was an episode once of a young woman in her twenties whom shot a man she was performing oral sex for after he attempted to force her into something otherwise. She was tracked down by the police and thought of as a "Gangster." or "Hardcore." but instead of interrogating her the usual way the officers working her case offered her a warm meal. It just happened to be thanksgiving. I knew the woman somehow. And remember myself being a voice in her head. A particular shady sort of darkness that was trying to tell her not to tell them the truth. She cracked and started crying saying "I just want god to forgive me." I remember leaving her alone after she started begging the nothingness for forgiveness. I'm not bible related religious in any form of way. So I'm not demonic as far as I can tell. To this day I still have this untrainable ability to be one with others and see right into them. I've had it so long that when it scares me I grin instead of frown and trip out. Also, I don't know if it matters but I can feel non physical entities all the time. Not really ghosts just various beings. Just recently I was having a hard time sleeping and I felt an almost physical presence crawl into bed behind me, wrap its arms around me and sigh. I didn't mind oddly enough. I'm assuming it was someone who knew me. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to keep me so calm.
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-06)
Either you really were possessing the woman's body or you were just having a full fledged vision of seeing everything through her eyes (not to mention, feeling, etc). Do you ever have dreams like this still? Or had in the past?

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