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A Woman In My Dreams


I lived in Austin Texas for a year and when I was there I became in tune with my dreams I had a few vivid dreams of my teeth falling out and becoming hollow and crumbling into my hands. A few weeks later I asked my friend who insured me that dreams like that are a warning of my physical health. About 3 months after that I became I'll and it ended with me having a tumor removed from my bladder onto 20th birthday. After the surgery I didn't dream for weeks I became depressed and lost the touch with my inner self until one night I dreamt of a young woman who would follow me wherever I went. She was beautiful she had red hair and a pretty smile but she would not speak, she would just kiss me once and leave. This dream happened every night for a while. My friend who warned me about the teeth dream told me that this girl is a spirit and she's letting me know that she will be a part of my life and she is filling the void that was left after my tumor left my body. She is loving she's here to help, she is my feminine side. Since she was a spirit I was able to speak to her through a Ouija board. She was a Irish immigrant and died in 1920 a few miles from my house she has since becomes guide, but I am weak I can only speak with the board and never alone. I have done all I can to become a stronger communicator but it won't work I need help, I feel a need to speak to not only this spirit but many more. I have so many thoughts and Ideas that most living people cannot understand. Am I crazy? Can someone help?

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RevSilverson (103 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-12)
ouija boards are no better or worse than any other divining method for opening doors to negative energy. It is urban legend that has caused so much negative press for ouija boards-- nothing more.

My question to you is WHY do you need to talk to other spirits? If you are doing it just because its cool or for other selfish motives your ability will not grow. If you decide to use it to help others- then it will grow. You can't force these things- you are either worthy of it or not and selfishness makes us unworthy. If you sincerely and honestly open yourself to be used in any way the divine spirit sees fit you will be blessed with increased psychic ability.

And if you are asked to help heal spirit beings as well as human beings, then the information of the universe comes pouring in. Spirits come to me when they fear crossing over after death. They fear the judgment that awaits them. They show me what they have done to raise their concerns and I explain to them that the divine spirit loves us all and wants us to cross over to experience the greatest love we have ever known. Lost spirits come to me as well and I help them cross over. Whatever the divine spirit needs me to do I do without question.

Love and light... Always
fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-11)
[At HollowTeeth]

First of all, you aren't crazy.

Second, there are other ways to communicate with your guide - not every conversation is going to be "in person". For example, one day you might get a feeling that you need to go somewhere, or take a different route than what you normally do - usually, it's for your benefit (such as today in my case - I had a really bad day, but if all that bad stuff hadn't of happened, I would have never discovered a shop that sold some of my favorite music). A guide is exactly that: A guide. One of it's purposes is to help you learn & grow.

What I recommend you try to work on is meditation - there are numerous exercises out on the web (check out the articles section here first) to help you do this.

Third, you need to lose the mindset that "you (I) am weak, I can't do this, I'm not strong enough" - If you constantly think this about yourself, it creates a mental barrier, so every time you get close to having success, those thoughts will come back at the worst moment. Tell yourself you can do it, that you can do what your mind is set to, and keep trying. If something doesn't seem to work, then try something else:)

Finally, I do advise you seek "other counsel" apart from the Ouija board - although there is a good chance that the information you are getting is correct, there is an equally good chance that the information you are getting is false. Treat the board like a stranger; you don't know who they are, despite what they tell you.

Lastly - Don't get agitated or try to "rush" the process. Your abilities will come in time - for some, it can take a few days, whereas for others it may take an entire lifetime.

[At everyone in general]

While ouija boards have gotten a bad reputation, I can honestly say that as an owner of one for about 8 years, nothing bad has ever come from using it (I swear mine was "dead", as I did everything you weren't supposed to do, and no evil entities came for me, or any other spirit for that matter. The board is probably in a garbage dump somewhere now).

Using an ouija board is no more dangerous than using a crystal sphere, pendulum, ghost box, tarot cards, runes or anything similar to communicate with spirits - It's a tool. Use it as intended, and nothing bad will come of it.

harrypotterrules (1 stories) (89 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-11)
You are not crazy, and let me also say this: do not use a Ouija board. Some people believe that Ouija boards are evil and can not be used to communicate with spirits from Heaven or any of the higher realms. Hope this helps!
fiercebumblebee (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-11)
I have the same issue. I see and talk to spirits in my dreams but not while I'm awake. I feel them around. I've never used a Ouija board, my dad told me ever since I was a little a girl that Ouija board open doors and we don't always know what's going to come through. I would be careful while using it.
I want to be able to openly communicate with spirits but I don't know How either. I'm sorry I am not much help. But at least knowing your not crazy is the first step.:)

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