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Dreams Always Come True


I have een having dreams that come true for about 25 years. At first it was silly things like what someone would say to me in a dream only to wake and have the same thing said to me.

I did not know and to some extent still do not know how to place these dreams any way I go from the subject, over the years the dreams have become more telling in future events. It ranges from dreaming of an event and what goes right and wrong to starting a new relationship. My dreams are very vivid and even more so when I'm pregnant as I am now. Recently as my pregnancy progresses I have been almost disturbed by the recent dreams and there accuracy, I had a dream of being in a taxi driving past a pub and not wanting to go in there.

I was browsing through a recently added old friends page and I noticed a photo of a pub and to my shock it was exactly the same as the one in my dream.

I cannot express the feeling that came over me when I saw that place. I know not to go there now as I have been warned.

I am learning now how to cope and use this gift for my advantage instead of being frightened of it.

Feel free to comment, with regards to how I can further explore this gift and hone it. Thank you for reading blessings be with you. N.b I'm 29 years old and have always had this gift. My grandmother was gifted and also my sister I must say my sister is very very good and doesn't have to dream the future it comes to her in a wake state. How can I develop this into a productive part of my life as at the moment hardly nothing fits and I find it all hard to place really.

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fredjastomawry (2 stories) (12 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-18)
Hello girls. I am fredja for now. And I saw you two were commenting on prophetic dreams which I believe is awesome. I am currently studying numerology,chakras;a little bit of tarot, lucud dreaming (my favorite) meditation and hypnosis. I hopped on this site today and it is amazing. Talking about things I have and haven't learned in a nutshell. I love the site. Besides that I' m still trying to have a lucid dream. Haven"t had one yet. Close but not yet. Though I have had precognitive dreams. Creating supercounciousnous is difficult but it is happen. Enjoy the gift. Embrace the gift.Right?
Triplefire (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-18)
Oh Sara, to add to the last post. My idea is in regards to my experiences with prophetic dreams, and them happening 4 days later, is that we are all connected. When I'd pick up something bad happening, maybe it's that there was a part of them thinking about me. Or if it's someone you love going through something hard, you're picking up on their energy. What do you think? I don't know how to explain the non-human dreams. Like I had a dream where I found a stack of paintings, and was searching through them to see if there was anything I liked. 4 days later I found a stack of like 10 paintings in our apartment lobby, free pile. Not sure how to explain those type of dreams.
Triplefire (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-18)
Hi Sara! Just wanted to say hi! I also had prophetic dreams for many years that came true to the exact detail, exactly and always 4 days later. It was my way of learning to know they were real I think. In my dreams I would always be a voyeur, watching over a scene happening. I've seen every one of my partners cheat on me, and watched everything unfold. And, having it confirmed 4 days later, and all of them were like how did you know all the details of it? I've even picked out people that's I've never met before this way too with two people I was dating. One was in my work parking lot, who I confirmed was the person in real life cheating with my partner. Another I saw with my ex a couple weeks after we had broken up. Same person in the dream. Others would just break the news, and I'd tell them what I saw in my dream, which was exactly what happened. Anyhow, the dreams would happen at least once a week. Anytime I dreamt of anyone I knew, those would always come true to the exact detail, full conversations, ect would unfold. I also would dream of other objects, ect that would reveal themselves on the 4th day. Sometimes I'd have trauma dreams, like getting laid off, and those always happened the next day. Right now, after my last break up AND having my mom pass away, all my abilities went away. And I had many many other abilities. I just found this site, and want to post something about that to ask if grief is getting in my way. I think fear would also block you, so try not to get scared of your dreams!
bloodredrose (11 stories) (162 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-12)
Lets see, I have been having the same thing recently too. Although I am 22 years old and still trying to get a handle of my gift, sometimes I tell my dreams and then the outcome is still the same as the dream. The ultimate dejavu. I know when my dreams are about the future I either remember it and just waiting for it to happen (like 3days later), or I forget and still get that feeling like i've seen the event before. I believe my gift is linked to the side of death, but all my evidence is with obe's and no one sees that but me. I am glad you know what your gift is and you should treasure it. Just don't forget to enjoy life. For me I just let the future tell me what it wants to tell me and just live through the experience the second time.

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