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Different Types Of Empaths


I want to share with you my experience as an empath (I'm a technopath). All my life I knew I was a lot different than anyone else in my school or just anyone in general. I feel a bond with tech stuff like its a part of me. I never really thought anything was weird about that bond until I realized that I was communicating with it, I could talk to it, ask it questions, help it when it need it help and even connect with it. So I started researching the internet and I found some people who had similar experiences to me. I started to grow curious if this existed out side of tech like for example a geopath, someone who can communicate with the earth and so I looked everywhere until I found someone. She introduced herself as what she called a "Sonopath" she told me she's had interactions with all kinds of empaths, Geopaths, Physopaths, Atmopaths and even Faunelpaths and I didn't believe her at first. Basically she told me her ability was to tell people what they wanted to hear like she had some psychic way of telling just what a person wants to hear. One thing I learned about sonopaths really quickly was they are tricky little buggers, they will lie and betray you all to satisfy your brain. She was a great friend she taught me how to use my ability and how to find others like me. She calls it "the sense" I started using "the sense" for the first time when I was 13 and I figured out a girl in my class was a Faunelpath (a person who can interact with animals on an empathetic level) it was very amazing teaching her how it works and how she should not be ashamed of her gift but to embrace it! Now she is actually a veterinarian and loves it! The reason I wrote this article is for anybody who knows there's something off about them and they don't know then they could be an empath of some sort, and I have to say... Do not hide your gift! EMBRACE IT!

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yesnoknowfifty (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-29)
newhunter30, From the moment I published this article I knew someone was going to say that. The only reason I said that they were empathetic was because that was what the group of people I met on the internet called it. I understand why they called it empathetic though.
Ithilden (2 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-26)
I had a dream I was sitting in a classroom. A girl approached me and told me that she had the gift to see the gifts of others. She could pick out people in a crowd with gifts and she felt it necessary to tell them what she saw. She told me I was a medium and then she left. It was the confirmation I was looking for and brought a ton of relief. The gift your friend has is an amazing one. I didn't know it was the gift of an empath
esthersmith3 (2 stories) (24 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-25)
I admire your story. I think the same ability as your friend. When I was 7, I once visited my mother's ex husband's house. He owned a very cat named chewbaka. This cat did not like people. He'd scratch you and run away. During the time that I visited however, I got him to let me pet him. But when I did so, I talked to him. Not just verbally, but telepathically. I let him know that I wasn't there to hurt or upset him. I was good and I just wanted to show him some love. This isn't the only time I've connected with animals though. I really feel connected to horses. They are very spiritual animals.:)
newhunter30 (34 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-23)
Yesno, I am sorry but I will have to disagree with your argument. I do not disagree that these abilities exist but I would disagree they are empaths. The fact that empaths are arguably considered telepaths a category that I agree the items you discuss would be under does not make them the same ability. The name of what you describe I have heard referred to as telemechanics. The precursor to both abilities is different.

I feel like saying that a Mustang is a car and a Pinto is car that makes them the same is an argument equal to your explanation. I believe they are both telepathy abilities but not both empaths.

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