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Clairsentience And Clairvoyance


After being a victim of animal magnetism, I was greatly unsuccessful in my life in all fields, I lost my logic and reasoning power and as though automaton. But after this incident I think the Subconscious director of the universe has been guiding me all the times. I used to get dreams which came true during the course of the day.

Gradually my clairvoyant abilities decreased but I still do have clairsentience which indicate me of good and bad events to happen, on which course to follow.

Once I got a dream that a friend of mine has attacked me with a knife. I could not recognize him properly in my dream but on the next day, I got alert of one of my friends, who gets time to time maniac. He started arguing with me in the class. But I didn't speak anything, just tried to settle it with kind words. From next day I started to keep distance from him. Several such incidents have happened in my life which indicated me of my upcoming events.

Some months ago my left eye was fluttering very heavily. I got alert that may be I will be getting expelled in my upcoming exam, because in those days my studies were never good and I almost made sure that it would be tomorrow's exam that will cause me a great problem. I planned not to appear the exam but my friends would make a joke of me if I was not attend the exam. So I had no choice - I went to the exam hall without any cheats! After the exam was over, as I came back I came with a sigh of relief. I planned to post a letter in the postal office. As I opened the bag - I saw that I had brought the exam paper with myself!

My friend suggested me to throw away the paper otherwise I will get expelled. But I didn't do so. After some time the exam coordinator phoned me to submit the paper. I did not have any choice so I returned the paper and got expelled in all other exams as well!

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