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How The Metaphysical World Changed My Life


I am 14 years old, and I live in Ohio, a place of constant change. My whole life changed about 2 years ago, when my father and I were in a car accident. This is just merely the root of my life changing experience. About 3 months ago, my father had a nice 2 hour long discussion with my sister and I about the Metaphysical World. Now to understand the complete randomness, let me give you a quick background on my father.

My father is a 52 year old man, Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and raised with 6 siblings. In his youth he went to College at University Of Cincinnati, where he studied to become an engineer. Right out of college he found a job working with the Army Corps of Engineers. My father was a man who always sought to find the logic in things. He always wanted to find out how things worked (with solid proof backing each determination). To my father nothing happened without a cause or reason, a physical reason. A 25 year career with the Army will instill a drive for excellence, something both of my parents think I am destined for.

So anyway, during the talk I had moments of bursting out laughter, moments of fear, and moments of happiness. But I had to ask "Where did you learn all of this? And why did you want to learn this?" and he explained how the accident changed his life, and how he doesn't want to be in pain anymore. But then came the most important part of the conversation, he taught me about the ability to send energy across time and space. I remember thinking, maybe there is a chance that some of this is real, because at the time, I felt, or at least thought I felt, him sending his energy to me.

After the discussion (more of a lecture) I decided to research this on my own, and I was amazed! The next day I asked my Dad if I could try sending some energy to him, he of course agreed. It was a fantastic feeling, part of my soul, my energy, mingling with his soul. But I always felt tired afterward, until I learned of the infinite source of energy around us.

The weeks passed by with my Dad and I "shooting" energy back and forth to each other, until the one night. My mom has really bad Dry Eye Syndrome, a "DIS-EASE" where her tear ducts do not produce the lubricant her eyes need. My Mom, Dad and I were all outside relaxing, and pondering question about life, playing with a flickering streetlight by shooting energy at it to make it light up. When I thought "Why can't I heal my mother of this "DIS-EASE"?" so I tried.

I told my Mom to close her eyes and relax. I started sending white, healing, light to my Moms eyes. I imagined it as if water, washing away her pain. All of a sudden her eyes started crying, which is incredible because she had just had surgery to remove her tear ducts. I sent more, this time while holding a few healing stones, and Crystal Quartz. Now she was seeing color when I sent, even though I was sending white light, if I held a red stone and sent, she would see pink (red + white = pink). If I sent Blue, She would see the sky.

I continued for a good 20 minutes, she started to feel really tired, so I stopped. Now Came the real healing session, to find out why she had attracted this painful disease in the first place. So I asked her about the most common cause of any pain, GUILT. I asked her "Why do you feel guilty?". No answer. "Why do you feel angry?". Then the flood gates opened, she told me how she felt about her parents passing away the prior year. After about a 2-3 hour long talk, I saw the guilt and anger leave her body. I saw a Dark, Black cloud of negative energy literally lift off her shoulders.

For the first time I saw more than just a Mom, I saw a Person. Someone just as vulnerable as any other person, someone with the same feelings as any other person. After that night, my Mom has not needed to put any eye drops in, no more artificial lubricants. Her Eyes were Healed.

I hope this is just the beginning of my healing career, I want to connect with many people, and listen and heal their problems. I hope you found this read enjoyable and an inspiration.:)

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Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-18)
Amazing story Drew, you obviously have a gift for healing. Thankyou for sharing

Blessed be
actorsarecool (1 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-18)
Greetings! You're story was very uplifting, indeed. Just the title let alone is inspirational "How the Metaphysical World Changed My Life" it's very relatable. But one thing that is truly shocking of how you're family dealed with the Metaphysics with so much ease. Many others are in a completely different ball park-it can be hard to be open-minded to "The Unknown" but little do people know that when they are opened to it, wonderful things happen. When I was younger I had terrible eye-sight you could say I was partically blind, but then My Grandma whom I'm very close with came to me in a dream and healed me. I too think I have this gift. The power of healing is wonderful it's like the feeling of infinte bliss coming from "The Source." I wish you all love and light on you're spiritual-journey.

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