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I'm a little confused now and then as to what has been happening to me I can't figure out if my er 'powers' are weakening or if I'm somehow shutting them off or if I am rising above the darkness Any opinions would be appreciated

My story starts off from my very first memory I was two years old, asleep in my cot next to a window in my grandmothers old house I recently visited this old house just to confirm if this was purely imagination, but it is exactly as I recall it In that room my mother used to sleep on the bed which was no more then half a meter away from my cot I recall waking up to see a very thin and old man grinning and lifting up my nightdress I remember screaming at my mother until she woke up, at that moment he faded away

Having no TV and the only entertainment I owned where children's books about animals, there was no way I could make up such a man Nor how I could have imagined the following

My mother told me it was all nonsense but the man didn't go away For the four years I lived there he haunted the house He no longer touched me and I no longer saw him, but I could sense him there He slammed doors, stopped clocks and threw things around during the night in rage and anger and turned the wind icy I never slept more than four hours per night It seriously effected my schooling and social life too That man frightened the hell out of me He is still with my nana, though they are in a different house The last time I stayed at my nanas was when I was fifteen, three years ago He terrified me so much, I ended up in tears and having to sleep in her bed Imagine it - tough heavy metaller teenager sobbing to her nana about ghosts:) I got paid out big time and still do

Last year I had an incident that completely opened my eyes to the spiritual realm I awoke in the middle of the night to a thumping and weird noises next door, and a few moments later a black figure appeared in my room It frightened me so much I developed insomnia and my family, even though deciding it was imagination, moved house to the country

This is a fairly old house and was packed full of negative energy There were two spirits in this house who fed off the energy By then I started to accept what I was feeling and I began to actually physically describe these spirits - one was an old man who used to stomp around the house and set the electricity off so much that my step-dad's laptop exploded The other I strangely couldn't see as a human I described a cat-like spirit, very negative yet NOT human I don't know what it was but it haunted my bedroom, peering over my shoulder and breathing on my neck like a human would, knocking things over and she never left me alone!

That's when my mother [who was experiencing similar things] and I decided to research this I learnt how to help them, show them the light, and I saged my house to be rid of the negative energy. After a few weeks they did in fact leave! But so did my mothers open mindedness

I didn't stop reading and learning I spent weeks - whilst waiting for my new work store to be built - spending more than 8 hours a day just reading and researching I learnt the basics, what is a soul It just kept going I learned everything I could - souls, soul ages, spirits, the spirit realm, angels, guides, the planes, levels of consciousness, and most importantly, the Laws of Attraction and Vibration

It was an awesome amount of knowledge I disagreed with a lot and shouted Yes! To a lot more I trusted my intuition which I know recognize as my guides I began meditation and meditate one a day

I've changed myself and my life completely after working with meditation and the Laws I used to be a very negative, depressed loners Now I'm one of those disturbingly calm and cheerful people and for the first time in my life, I can make friends quite easily!

Nearly at the end here

So life has been going good Helping lost spirits and enjoying a pleasant life However, three weeks ago I was in a car accident I spun out on a dirt road, flipped and ended up in a fence Two things happened that day Before I set out on the trip, my excitement to see my friend was louder than my guides I recall hearing them insist I not go, but I was far too excited about the trip I even recall when coming to a fork, my guides insisted I take the longer way Did I listen? No

During the accident, I heard them scream advice Being only licensed for two years, I had no idea how to handle a dirt road They screamed to hold the wheel, don't brake!, brake now! Let go of the wheel, just relax! Stuff like that I automatically responded to them Just as I was about to flip, I left my body I was now in the passengers seat, watching myself cover my vital organs and head, my face disturbingly calm and relaxed A white light was surrounding my body and filled the entire car The light was blinding and everything was in complete slow motion and calm It was like I was watching a movie scene, not in an accident Then the car hit the fence and I was pulled back into my body

I escaped from the car completely unharmed Not even a scratch nor a bump to the head I don't know how

I stood next to my car and panicked thinking 'I'm in the outback! No one can help me! My phone is smashed Oh my god Someone please help me! A few seconds later a truck rounded the corner That truckie saved me I am eternally grateful I had not seen a single car on that road for the hour I had driven it The police came and basically - I should have been dead

Since then I see life different I am grateful for every sunrise, sip of water and my warm bed I live in a constant state of wonder and I am always thanking my angels and my guides for my gift of life However, since the accident, two things have changed I sense spirits, but not as strong as I used to It's like they no longer try to haunt me, to suck energy from me I don't understand why I sense them, but they leave me alone

Also, my vision has changed It frightened me at first, but after a doctors check up, my vision is perfect! But now, instead of seeing what's there, there's stuff in front of my vision Does anyone understand? I will look at my foot for example, and between my eye and my foot, there are shadows, lines and patterns that constantly move and change I can suddenly see strong auras But not exactly auras It's like a blue light of energy around people about 5cm thick The most disturbing is people now vibrate I will be talking to someone and suddenly they will vibrate so fast that they become a blur Naturally this frightened me that I saw the doctor but once again, I'm fine

I am guessing this is spiritually related but I don't understand it

I also had a sign this morning Since the change in my abilities I asked my guides to send me some sort of a sign that everything is ok and they are still there In a space of five minutes, I first noticed that my statue of Archangel Uriel was facing an odd direction so I straightened it Then I checked my mail to see an email from an old family friend who had psychic abilities He mentioned that he had suddenly had my name and Archangel Urie'ls name repeating in his head so loudly he had to email me Then an ad popped up on the TV about angels

I'm going to take that as a good sign:)

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XtjrX (7 stories) (300 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-05)
Your uriel is my ariel, and is a VERY powerful protector! Lucky us. I walked away without a scratch from a car accident I know should have killed me. Uriel flashes signs to me all the time now. I actually wrote a story here about this Guardian. I have many signs from this spirit. I have the most amazing sun/cloud scene I've ever seen-and it was for me! I've also drawn a picture of how uriel/ariel manifests to me. But its hard to draw such a being. Sorry I didn't answer your question, I got all excited when you dropped the name of your Guardian. I talk about ariel in my story here "opening dimensions, spirit guides, and pure energy". Please read my story. Maybe I'll post my signs and drawing of u/ariel here. But yeah, an amazingly POWERFULL guide and protector. End rant.:)

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