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I'm 13 and I have been having these really weird dreams of many different things. I have recently been dreaming of my boyfriend Gunnar and I and they have been coming true. So whenever he is planning to say something I finish his sentence and it's really weird. Or I either know what's going to come next. One night I was dreaming of random things and all of a sudden I see a tv screen and a red background on the tv screen with a girl on the screen. It was a Chinese lady long black hair in a high bun and was winking at me. Next to the TV there was a nerf gun and a whole bunch of toys like cars and a purple shirt. I kept on dreaming but that picture had gone away and I had stopped dreaming it. And last Sunday I was over at my friend Mandy's house with my boyfriend we were in her brother's room flipping through the channels and we go by some cartoons and then flipped to a random channel and there was a red background with an Asian woman dancing to Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado and I told my boyfriend to keep it on the channel and about a minute or two into the video she winks at the screen and I was in just complete shock. Gunnar told me that I had blanked out for about a minute. It felt so weird. Is this something or just coincidence?

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