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I am a new researcher (student wannabe) of that world beyond our most direct perception, so I ask you to forgive any mistakes on my words that follow.

I remember from my childhood years being watched over by a spirit. It continued on for a few years and then stopped. I also always knew many things that was not very much obvious how I would know them, trivial things, knowledge that I could have picked up from a documentary on TV... But did I?

Then I noticed that people who hurt me in one way or the other had suddenly have their luck turned against them. Like a curse. Other times things that did not work, like electronics, would just function normally at my presence and continue working later on. Lately I noticed that some machinery when working had a pattern (like a sewing machine would not stay on line after some time on its own) but when I stared at it, it would not follow that pattern (as long as I was looking at it, it would follow the line automatically without needing correction). Not always.

Other times I have an alert of an event that will occur after some seconds, like a phone call or the doorbell or somebody speaking to me. The premonition of the event is the exact same sound inside my head before the real one. I also have learned the prayer against the evil eye but I am not always successful with it.

Those all are many many small things that mean absolutely nothing, but then there are the prayers that were "heard" and other experiences that have lead me to believe that there is something more and that I have just a little of IT in me.

I know no one in the field and have read nothing. I just want to give it a try and see were it leads me. What do you think?

Have you had any similar experiences? Is it real?

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