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I Get Dejavu When Something Bad Is Going To Happen


I have always been able to see people's auras and when I was younger it was much easier to see and I could see people entire energy field. My mother would always tell me it was invasive to read people without permission so I just slowly stopped. My mother isn't in my life anymore so I started to get back into it and let myself see auras but it's so much weaker now. I can only see the first two basic energy fields around a person. But they are always accurate.

I would consider myself an empath especially lately with energies that make me nauseous and how I'm suddnley filled with any number of emotions touching someone's hand.

2 or 3 years ago my dejavu started to get stronger. I would feel like I had lived a certain situation and if it's really clear I know it will be very bad and other times it's just a small dejavu. Just recently my dejavu came with my mothers name and when I asked my dad about it she had tried contacting him and wanted to take me away again. I had dejavu and then my mother followed me to my school and she is not allowed to. Just a few days ago I had dejavu and it was very strong I'm worried because I've been trying to ignore the dejavu because it made me uneasy. But I know better than that, I wonder if I can develop this to get clearer readings of what will happen.

I also have been feeling a presence or something following me but I don't think it's malicious I've just been feeling their energy I just have no read off of whatever it is.

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