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Psychic Awakening Over Time?


For a long time in my life I did not truly believe in psychic powers. Ironically, I felt fascinated by them and had a great desire to experience them ever since I was a child. In truth it has been less than a year since I've given any proper thought to what has happened to me. Looking back now, I feel that more has happened in my past then I realized. I apologize in advance for the length of this story, but there is so much I remember in my head that I couldn't bear to keep it in anymore.

I first learned about the possibility of psychic abilities at this time from a friend that I would see often during my typical bus route in my High School days. She told me that she sometimes would have dreams showing her places she would visit or how they would change in the future. She was scared because she didn't understand her abilities. I felt both intrigued and concerned about what I heard.

At first very little out of the ordinary happened after our conversation. Before long though, I started to realize that something similar was starting to occur at times in my dreams as well. These were different in the sense that the events I saw were encrypted in symbolism and as such I had to think hard to understand them after waking up. There seemed to be no bounds to what they would depict. Everything from school, to video game occurrences, to my summer job could be involved in what I would see. Eventually my dreams gave way from being symbolic to direct. They continued during and for a while after High School, but then stopped.

That was not all that happened at the time though. On three different occasions I had been involved in different incidents that occurred when I couldn't handle my emotions at the time.

In my freshman year, one of my classes was in a fundraising competition with another. At first I felt it was going to end in a loss for my class. Really wasn't sure what to do or think about the situation and dragged on me for a long time. One day I was sitting at my computer desk and I heard a loud voice in my mind like a female shriek yelling "We're falling behind!" and it seemed only I could hear it. For a moment it felt like the panic was my own and I looked around nervously upon hearing the statement. The competition ultimately ended in our favor following the incident. I asked another person that was in the room during that time if they heard anything, but they did not. I've considered the possibility of telepathy causing the incident.

There was a time during a gym class I had gotten involved in an accident where I sustained a moderate facial injury when another student was getting ready to serve in a game of Volleyball. I could tell from what the instructors were saying that it was a pretty bad hit. All I could think of was that I didn't want anyone to see me as I was. Towards the end of class I headed to the restroom to wash my face off some. When I returned though, my coach was shocked to see that my face had completely healed without explanation. I never did see what I looked like just after the accident and had a paper towel to my right eye and never saw what I looked like or what happened. I wasn't really frightened, but rather confused. I've started to wonder if this was some kind of healing power.

The strangest occurrence happened after I had been harboring pent-up anger towards a number of students that I saw a few times each week. This was the case because I felt they were immature and it was embarrassing to be near them. One day during a lunch period one of the students had fallen out of his chair and landed on the ground. I reached out to help him up but before I even touched him, I felt a kind of mental shift. A second later he was promptly knocked to the ground like as if he was shoved. The student was a little shaken and told me that it didn't feel like it happened of his own accord. No one else was even close to where he landed, and it felt like I had somehow caused the incident. I didn't really understand why. Now I have to wonder if it was a form of telekinesis.

Despite all these occurrences, I never gave a proper care to what they could mean for a long time. Eventually I came to a point where looking into these events seemed to result in more trouble than it was worth. I eventually just marginalized all interest on the topic and didn't give it much thought for a good portion of my first two years in college.

As time passed I started to do some research into the topic of psychic phenomena and learned a little about the basic nature of psychic abilities and how they could manifest. This was when I first began to get serious about understanding why such abilities existed, and how they could be practiced I wanted to get more involved, but didn't know how to begin.

I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do anything psychic related until I went to study overseas for a class to graduate from my community college. When our group was getting ready to leave, I suddenly felt a strange energy that seemed to be linking me to one of the professors in our group. I felt that even though I didn't really know who she was prior, I could sense her role in the program as the director.

It felt as though from then on, a strange power was rising to the surface that I could use. I could close my eyes and visualize energy that felt positive or negative linking me to someone or something else. Sometimes I would adjust my posture and the direction I was facing to confirm the connection and the energy seemed to adjust to my change in position with the person or source I was feeling it from. From this I seemed to be able to sense information about who or what the link was with. Eventually this ability changed to where I would merely need to focus on a question on a topic and I could feel energy rising or sinking on or within my body that seems to signify a positive or negative response respectively. Sometimes what I sense is not a direct answer, but rather a hint on how to proceed in certain cases.

I've never forgotten what I had experienced during that time, and am continuing to experience these flashes of insight often. I've been keeping up with different sites on the topic of psychic abilities and having started to try shielding techniques. One of the first times I used a method that seemed right for me; it was as if a field of warm, calming energy was surrounding me and I've kept with it sense that time. When I come across events that would normally negatively influence me with my shield in place, I'm able to keep my mind calm. The actual sensation seemed strongest with my first success, but it has been tapering off recently. Because the mental effect remains, I'm wondering if I am just really attuned to the energy now.

A considerable problem is that while I very much believe in the possibility of psychic abilities, my immediate family is torn on the issue. My mother is very aggressive about her disbelief on the topic if it is brought up, and my father doesn't possess a significantly strong opinion either way. Though I'm keeping up with my insight and shielding, I'm not sure what to believe right now. I've only recently realized what these events in my life could mean for me, and I am not really certain as to what is happening. I'm not sure if these are all different manifestations of psychic power, or what to think in general at this point. I've talked to some people I know that believe in these abilities, but I still feel confused. Could someone please help me better understand what this all means? I'm struggling to find my way at this point.

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DJ17 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-12-06)
I've realized there may be a direct connection between the way my intuitive sense works and my chakras. I don't know if I just have some bizarre attenuation to positive and negative energy or something else.

Whenever I try to sense something it feels as if I'll either feel a semi-uplifting sensation for a positive response going up my chakras, or conversely a physically pressing sensation running down my chakras for a negative response. When I want to check on something in this way, I phrase the current focus in my mind and concentrate hard on it. This seems to then trigger the response.
DJ17 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-12-06)
Thank you for that information. I think that first though I need to work on my Chakras for at least a little while before really pressing on though. I've checked some things out on the website, and it looks like I'm going to end up starting from the ground up. Good thing though is that I've worked out an effective method with meditation for doing so. I've also taken to using the music from this video below to help keep me calm for that purpose.


I like to use it because it feels like the form of peace that we seek to feel but in a musical state. That and well, it has the length to accommodate the length of any exercise. Once I'm on the right track there, I'll probably press on with the telekinetic studies then.

I find it interesting that the color orange would relate to strength in the physical world. Feeling the energy does seem to give a feeling of strength that seems to want to be let loose.
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-05)
To DJ17:
Sounds like an awesome experience:) Orange is a physical colour, of the physical realm, it relates to your inner power or your strength is the best way to put it. Interesting:) to have a colour extend past your body always indicates very strong emotions regarding the colour's representation. Interesting, I wonder if this ability makes you feel strong? If you are finding your strength in regards to it?

So very glad that this is a place you feel safe to discuss this phenomenon that you are experiencing. Lol makes me laugh because I remember repeatedly questioning myself about the things I would experience and always looking for input. Hard to find, not something you can typically discuss with friends or family! It is a weird feeling, yes, fascinating and you tend to constantly wonder if it's real, in time, you will grow to trust it, control it and hopefully develop even more abilities.

I hope you found the video informative, I have watched it numerous times and always uncover another piece of information I can relate to. As for the lovers and haters of Deepak Chopra, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, I think in particular this video is interesting because it corresponds current medical data to the understanding of consciousness. It isn't just a lot of philosophical discussion, rather there is hard evidence behind it, things that scientists today are discovering. It is a very good explanation of who and what we are. I look at Deepak Chopra as the guy who probably would have said the world is round when everyone believed it was flat.

Keep investigating and working with your abilities at your own pace. There is a lot to discover:)
DJ17 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-12-04)
To both: I also wanted to say thank you helping me get to this point. It means a lot to me.
DJ17 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-12-04)
To Newbiepsychic:

I checked out the you tube video yesterday when something unexpected happened. After listening to about 20 minutes of the seminar, I looked at the video comments below and found a combination of strong approval for and against Deepak chopra. More importantly though, after a certain point I felt as though a surge of energy was running through my body that seemed to be triggered by feelings that came at the time. I kept visualizing it as a kind of bright orange energy that seemed to radiate outward.

I feel that this may be a form of my desire to strive towards having believers and disbelievers on the topic and others that are discussed here. I tried using my intuitive sense to see if there is a relation. After doing so I found that it is possible that regardless of if the healing occurrence is related or not, it seems that these sorts of emotions are what I need to move forward.


I never could talk freely to others about this kind of thing before I came to this website. Is it normal to feel a little strange at this point?
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-03)
Well as for your parents, you must respect their viewpoints, however you do not need to follow them. They have their beliefs and you are entitled to your own beliefs. So if you believe your emotions had an effect in these cases then stick by it and try not to let others sway you.

I think you are sort of uncovering the ability to well what I would call, manifest. That is, what your strongest emotions are become reality. If you want something, it happens, but it happens at a time for you of somewhat uncontrolled emotion. So you may want to work with your ability to control it. Try it with little things, don't get obsessed with it, just be amused if it does work out for you and continue to try these things. Then ask yourself, how can this be happening and begin to investigate the knowledge behind it all.

When I really first realized and believed I could do remote viewing I was very excited that I was doing it and so good at it, then it just sort of hit me like a ton of bricks... How the heck is this even possible? Which lead to me investigating psychic abilities and opened up a whole other world to me. One that is always there, we just don't know that it is.

As for the "healing" of the injury story, I thought that was interesting... I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves if we really want to and believe it is possible, they have actually proven that our body's cells have emotional reactions to things, meaning it isn't just in our brain but every cell in our body reacts to emotions in various ways. So I suppose if you want something bad enough, you can heal yourself. If you are interested in this topic check out a you tube video by Deepak chopra called physical healing and wellbeing, it's a talk he gives at a seminar discussing just this sort of connection between emotions and the physical body. He is a doctor btw, neuroscientist and endocrinologist. Very interesting topic.
Good luck! ❤
DJ17 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-12-02)
I've given it some thought as to what happened at that time and may have discovered something. It seems like nearly everything that has happened to me started because I had a strong desire to enact a change of some kind either in a given point and time, or in the long run.

I wanted to overcome the difficulty in the class competition we were all facing with the telepathic episode and the message was the only way for me to tell we were on track. When it came to helping the boy, I wanted more then anything else to express my frustrations I felt to everyone there without any form of release. It felt like the incident carried out that desire since I could not do so conventionally. With the gym occurrence, all I wanted was for no one to see what had happened to me. It was like I couldn't bear to move on until after my face had healed.

Probably the biggest reason I'm continuing on this path now is because I have multiple goals in trying to learn these abilities. One is to learn as much as I can about the nature of psychic abilities so I can better understand myself. Another is to try to help anyone that has similar or related experiences to be better accepted at large. Lastly I seek to carry out my childhood dream of learning telekinesis.

Interestingly enough, it sounds like I am on track now to at least be working towards the last one of those. My desires for change seem to be different in full form, but the base reasons seem to match.
leo9401 (1 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-02)
I think you are telepathic and telekinetic too. I'm pretty sure whenever you have one of those abilities it is pretty common to have both. Try practicing the telekinesis and see where it gets you. Feel the emotions you were feeling when you were helping the boy towards an object and see what happens. You can't figure out the meaning of something without understanding what it is first. Good luck!

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