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I have noticed for awhile that I am growing stronger with my abilities. I have been doing tons of research and have made the decision to keep practicing and educate myself on becoming a spiritual healer. I am getting more comfortable with the fact that I am a special person and can change the world if I use my abilities right. But anyway, on to some recent experiences.

Some of the things that I have been noticing is that my empathy abilities are getting stronger. I was walking through Wal-mart about a month ago and was walking to the shampoo section to get soap for my boys when I had an intense feeling of nervousness and a little giddy. The only way to really describe it is the feeling that you get with you have a crush on someone and that person just walked by. It happened for a split second but during that moment, may attention was focused on the young male who was a Wal-mart employee. It happened so fast and it had me confused as to why I was feeling this way towards this person but as soon as I pushed it out of my mind, another employee was walking up and passed me and I saw her looking at this male employee. The expression on her way face as like a shy little girl with her head tilted forward to her chest and these words popped into my head out of no where, "Oh my gosh, there he is!". It took no time at all for me to realize that I was picking up on this woman's emotions to this guy. I felt really excited because this was something that helps me validate that this is real.

Another experience that had happen to me had nothing to do with my abilities but helped me realize that mediation is very helpful for me and that I can really connect with this "Higher Power". For a while now, my car has been broken, the engine shot, my computer is not working right (which is my life source for school, and other things that require money that I don't have, have been taking a crap, lol. But every time I meditate, I ask the Lord to help bless my family with a little extra money to help us get through this rough financial patch. Then, today, I was checking my account for my financial aid, because what ever is left over from my pell grant, comes back to me after classes, books and fees are paid. Low and behold, there is an extra $1,100 dollars in my account that was not there before. Funny enough, it is just the right amount that I needed to put a down payment on a car and to buy a new computer.

I guess meditating and continuing having a positive attitude towards that world and the people around me, really pays off.

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texryan67 (1 stories) (39 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-11)
yes meditating is definitely helpful. Let me give you an experience that I had this morning. I am currently doing karaoke online with a lady from wales. She tried to send me a video of her son being crazy, at first, it didn't come through, so I had to add her to facebook. And when I accepted the request, a strange feeling happened in my chest, as if we were connecting on a spiritual level. I know that it is one of the chakras that are in your chest, and I do believe that I might have known her before, somehow. I am happily married and have no reason to connect on that level with her. She is a good friend, and likes a lot of the stuff that I like. It was like we connected on a different level. I can see auras brightly as well now, too. My manager's aura is a darker green and it waves around like a cloud around her head. Like she is deep in thought. It's cool.
Tripox21 (31 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-12)
absolutely, practice makes sence.
But I would like to highlight how the negative or bad ones can interact with people,
Its not about making you be fearful or stop what you do, continue the practice!

What the baddies can do is when they overcloak a person aka possessing to a degree can enhance a persons perceiving ability of the other world, they can infact, everyday we are being affected by people in the flesh and people on the other side.

The bad ones can be there for energy or just got some fetish of messing with people, and in exchange you get sudden abilities from them or enhanced.

Its not good to let them be in your space, if you do not recognise yourself from them you are being messed with aka possessed, they mess both physically and mentally and you take on another personality, traits of the being affecting you, ofcourse it can all vary from the entity, they are not all same ofcourse.

So as I said, please don't stop what you do because you are bettering yourself but its better be on your guard and to see through any entity that interacts with you, spirit guardians and beings like that don't approach you directly like those negative abusers.
Theres a lot of negativity on earth, so we got fragments, demonic beings, negative spirit people, elementals, self created entities.

Ok, so take it easy move forward with clarity and all will be good.

Great to see people moving forward making progress!
TheCrowWalker (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-04)
Take it from another healer... Always treat people with the at most respect and love. Kindness given is a kindness which is returned. The a soild person. Keep yourstance in your practice and shine your light on the word. Keep a soild understanding on the sacred law. Find yourself and be your bestself...
Love and light~ ❤

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