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I have always been sensitive even as a child. I still played football baseball etc like any other young boy but always had diff opinions than my friends maybe they would call it sissy. I was anything but and they knew it but you know teenagers. I was hit by a car when I was 5 and almost died. I have a very vivid memory of after I was hit I was sitting in a square room with rounded bench seats with my mother holding me. I'm in her lap and that's definitely not what happened. So lotsa bumps bruises broken bones collapsed lung later I was healed up. Fast forward to 2010 I meet an old girl I dated and always had a strong connection with. When we began to date again I felt something inside me come alive. Say it was my soul coming to the surface. I could feel everything was the first symptom. I could feel if plants were dying I could hear what people were thinking quite a few times during the day. I went to the store on my lunch to get gas as I was listening to the radio I had already heard what he was saying before he said it. It was like he was saying it twice. I was in line to buy something and a boy reached out to grab candy ok no big deal. But then he did it again grabbed the same exact candy the same exact way. I thought I was crazy. Did I lose my mind I thought. Then a new symptom came. Hunger I was eating then right away feeling incredibly hungry after even though minutes before I was fine. So I started to notice it was when people were coming into my job. I started asking are you hungry? About 90 percent said yes the other 10 I freaked out and they left Lmao. I was feeling peoples hunger over and over I confirmed it I also had instances where my face would turn bright red and Id find out my girlfriend was holding a hot washcloth on her face at the same time when I called her to tell her I might be sick. Throughout this I would get things said in my head then my customers would say it out loud. I was picking up the vibration of thought. So this continued for awhile saying things people were thinking etc. Then one night I'm sitting in my room and swear someone is talking. I also thought someone was walking between me and my desk lamp. In the corner of my eye. I got my voice recorder and began taping I came away with hours of evp evidence. Soon after I was able to hear them with no equipment just by listening. There are as many as 50 spirits around me some appear milky white some smoky and some shadowy. Recently I began feeling slight pressure towards the back of my head and in my ears when they talk, so I'm beginning to feel the energy. Sometimes I was laugh out loud out of no where and its the same feeling as when something is funny but nothing was. They said they liked my energy and knew I was psychic. Myself though I wasn't so sure. I never imagined myself like this I have always been just regular dad with 2 great daughters I spent my time with. The psychic thing took over my life for awhile I was digging for answers everywhere why me I thought. They are still with me and tell me things like don't smoke and I believe I have confirmed some identities as relatives. A lot I still don't know. I am trying to learn how to control this and am so far from most psychics. Thank you for reading.

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Anaya (1 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-08)
you do have power the poster before me had that right, if all your accounts here are truth then there is power in you. But I can understand how it can be a tad scary or simply something that can be more annoying then any good to you, a curse sort of say.

To be able to control it I would say you can do it two ways, A) you can suppress it and simply stop working with it, this will give you a tad more control until you can work it up slowly so you can properly work with it. Or B) you can place more time into it, meditate, cleanse your mind and work with your inner self. But please note this way can be harder then the first way, so please note that that is the hard path so do not pick this road unless you are willing to place a lot of work into what you are doing and into your spiritual self.

Next if you want it to go away you can Cut it off, suppress it so you can no longer feel it, it will not be gone forever as it will always be a part of you but it will be to the point it will not be so much of a problem if you so see it that way. But do be careful if you cut it off you will be open to other forces that can warp and invade your world and if you cut it off you will no longer be able to see them but they can see you.
Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-07)
Well first of all, you ARE a psychic. Secondly, you have got the power of telepathy and prediction. The spirits surrounding you might be your Spirit Guides. Your psychic power is very powerful so use it wisely. Be careful of negative energies, which are always attracted towards powerful psychics. If you feel something is bad or evil or negative, I can help! 😊

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