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This Story Starts with my Mother. My mother is kind of medium and of course i'm aware of that. She can talk to Ghost, Different creature, some kind of dwarf and also be friend with them, though once mother talk to them, they don't leave my mother alone anymore and that's my story begin.

I grow up in simple life yet strange. I started sense them but can't see it unlike my mother, they comfort me when i'm on my saddest moment. Even I can't see them nor talk to them I still leave them a word of grateful.

Sometime's they do passing by me And I think that they were only living person (neighbor) just like this scenario. "I was about to eat lunch (the table where i'm eating are just near the door) when A man a little older than me just pass by. He was walking in rush so when I look at the door he is gone, well I mistaken him as my neighbor in the next door So I didn't bother to check him out but waiting for the sound of the door to open but a few minutes past, there is no sound of anything. I went outside but found nothing.It's happen a lot to me now but this boy is a little strange since he was korean. I discuss this to my

Sister but she just said it was just my illusion, but when my sister read some kind of a news (don't know the date and time) about a korean student boy who are murderer by a thieve. I Started wondering, that was when there's still standing an old tree, we only know that some of creature are living inside of the tree but it was cut a few days ago.

I actually want to open my Third Eyes and I'm also aware of the risk. I went on some Way to open it, I guess I inherit my physic sense from my mom. And also the story of my Grandparents in My father side. Of course his birth place is in Bicol so I often have visit there but inside of it, I had a lot of experience.

Adding up my Grandma also know as being witch because of her Face.

So has anyone live a life of having a Family Of Psychic?

(I slipped out the topic for a moment there)

And A question for those who had through the same And now living for


What Is the best but easiest way of opening your third eye?

Without some Item required,etc?

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TheCrowWalker (3 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-04)
So has anyone live a life of having a Family Of Psychic?

>>My whole family is Shaman. I have insight and magius dreams.

What Is the best but easiest way of opening your third eye?

>> for me it was medation and exploration. REM is the best way to enter a "walking" state. This is where the person is able to speak to elders, other mediums, etc. A lot of it is being conferable with yourself as well. I can speak with any over messaging Via Email for more on this. No charge.

Without some Item required,etc?

>> some people are reincarnated and there memories are fogged. This is normal. Somepeoples memories are sealed which is also not uncommon. The best way is to find yourself. If your like me and study Shamanism find your totum, etc. There are spells you can do. Be in touch with yourself, other and the earth.

Love and light~
TheCrowWalker ❤

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