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I have been going through a spiritual awakening (intensely) for the last year now. All of it is very overwhelming, cause there are things happening in me (of me) , that I cannot explain. High frequency in ears, feeling things (not visible to the eye), I can see right through a person, I can 'know' when they are lying, and I just KNOW. Then there things going on by itself and also msgs coming to me. Anyway, what really got to me is the last 2 days I have been dreaming of an owl. Last monring night, just before I fell asleep again, (this was 3am - winter and very cold) but my body heated up as if I am in an oven. Then I dreamt. I was in an haunted house (old), there was a knock on the door, another person opened the door and there was the owl- we were staring at each other, and then the owl flew in and came to a stand (still), and he looked again at me and we both cried, I could see the tears falling from the owls eyes and I could feel my tears. Then the owl was gone. There was also an Angel talking to me (but first I thought it was a ghost) When I awoke from my dream, I was covered in sweat, as if I was in a swimming pool. THIS WAS NOT JUST A DREAM. It felt as if there was energy in the dream. Oh my... I don't know how to explain this. The previous night, the owl was looking at me and then flew into his nest. Please I really need help on this. Anyone. I know it says that this is not a dream interpreting site, but this was not a 'dream'.

Anyone's help on this will be much appreciated.

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