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Spirits In My Dreams


I had a strange dream that was pretty abstract. It didn't really have a story to it, it was pretty random. For some reason I was in this car with my mother but it was oddly larger than normal. When we were sitting there I looked into the back where like the trunk is and you pull the seat back. There was a boy walking back there trying to pick up my spacers, spacers as in those clear piercing retainers you have to wear at work or school. I remember he had tannish skin with blonde hair that was sorta stringy and he was talking really fast in either French or Italian, I couldn't really tell but I'm pretty sure it was French because in my dream I remember him saying 'je' and 'beaux.'

I then looked away and he disappeared and I told my mom what had happened and in my dream I started spacing out and my mom made a comment about the ghost boy and I looked at her weird because I didn't know I said it aloud. She said that I had told her and yet in my dream I thought that I said it in my head.

The next part the setting changed and we were riding in this open open roofed cart on train tracks. My mom was telling me something about my grandfather knowing someone that does magic involving a spirit. I looked at her funny and she told me that Gavin was beside me, and then she told me to look behind me. We were going under a tunnel at that point and I was confused since I didn't know who Gavin was and when I turned around someone was touching my head and they were literally in my face.

I jolted awake and right after that I typed this up. Does anyone have any explanation for this?

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
9 years ago (2014-07-01)
Did Gavin have brown hair and eyes cause the same thing happened to me and my mom (me and my mom are both strong psychics) I think that the ghosts where talking to you in your sleep and Ask your grandfather

One qustion when I read thin a pain happened around my neck well have you had a pain circuling your neck (like a string wrapped around my neck)

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