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My names Amanda. I am 22 years old and having your not so normal experiences is something that has been happening to me my whole life. Here's a little about me. Ever since my teenage years I have had this ability where I could see visions when I close my eyes. Some visions would be brighter looking than others and in different colors. I hear voices too, no I'm not crazy. I try to keep it as normal as possible and things just happen on their own. I always feel my 3rd eye area have pressure and a little bit of pain at times.

Being a curious teenager I went to a few psychics and they told me I was a "ghost whisperer I don't quite understand what that is exactly so if anyone knows please let me know.

One time I was going through a rough time and I had this vision that my spirit animal which is a wolf came to me and we became one. My spirit animal has golden eyes. Once I was a wolf I felt so free and happy.

I would run through the woods until the next thing I remember which is being at this place where there was a wolf pack and I was going to marry into being queen of the pack. There was a ceremony and everything it felt so real.

I finally snapped out of it and the vision stopped and I had this very deep big ball of energy swirling in my chest intensely. I'm telling you my vision because I want to see if anyone has had anything similar happen to them and what does this whole thing mean or could mean.

I do notice to when I close my eyes that sometimes I see eyes staring back at me. This used to scare me but not anymore. Please feel free to write your experiences back! I'd love to hear from you!

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vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-27)
Hi mandabx3 for my experience I sometimes feel like someone is watching me and sometimes I can see spirits day or night. But the only time I hear them is when they want me to know some thing or they want me to tell someone something and for having a dream about animal's is one night I had a dream that a eagle came flying over me and it was like it was looking for me and then the next thing I new it came to me and landed on my arm and then I woke up.

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