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My Guardian Demon?


I am a psychic, I've come to understand that. But I've been really baffled for the past few years. One night, I'd say two years ago. I had a dream, or what I think was a dream. To be perfectly honest it felt so real I didn't know which it would be.

The "dream" went as me sleeping in my bed and suddenly I opened my eyes when I heard a deep voice call my name. I looked see a man, an extremely handsome man sitting at the edge of my bed. He was sitting there and the only way I could really make out his face was under the moonlight. I could go into vivid detail of what he looked like. The man had dark almost black hair, and dark eyes, he had a very strong bone structure. The man couldn't have been older than 21, slightly tanned skin. He wore a black suit, I was awestruck to say the least.

But his aura was dark, and different. I knew he was a spirit. His voice was raspy and deep. I asked him who he was. He refused to give me his name.

I asked if he needed help or how old he was. Now he was very brief in saying that he was near a thousand years old. I was now even more confused, how could a spirit be here after a thousand years. He then went on to blatantly say that he was in fact a demon. Then he looked over at me and laughed and told me to shut my eyes and he would protect me. I was terrified to do otherwise because I know demons are not to be trusted ever. I went back to what I think was sleep.

He left me alone for a long time, for about almost a year. I believe in guardians so I prayed to my guardian or whoever was watching over me to help me in someway because I was going through an extremely rough time in my life where a family friend betrayed me and it really tore my family apart. I had a dream after that where that same demon came back and told me that the person would not pay now but dearly in the future. A year after the incident the person who tore up my family was in a car crash, the person was okay but then later lost there job. Even though the person and I were not friends I asked if she was okay and she said that she just lost control. She had no clue how at all. Even the mechanics checked to see if anything failed in the car to cause the accident and nope, not a thing.

I've had other instances after that where bad things have happened to people who hurt me.

Now just very recently the demon has come back and I demanded that I hear his name. He said "Neko." It gets even weirder, I later went on to look up the name Neko to see if I could get any back story and it turns out that there is a demon called that. It takes form as a cat which I find even more shocking because at our house we have a feral cat that roams around a lot. We feed it and it won't let anyone touch it but me.

Is he really protecting me or is this some joke? I don't mess with dark magic or anything. He hasn't hurt me for the time I have known him and has seem to protect me. He'll even talk to me if i'm in a bad situation. I really don't know what to think anymore because he is a demon. Is it possible that he could be my guardian?

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lilrunningdeer (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-08)
I have to disagree with several people on this post.

1. Spirits can be negative or positive, sometimes both. A spirit that is usually distant or even mean in personality might take a liking to a certain person. (That's how one of my guardians turned out) And even positive spirits can cause harm to people. If a human or another spirit even, causes harm to those the spirits are protecting, they will almost always seek revenge.

2. Spirits are very raw. And what I mean by that is that things like deception and dishonesty are not in their nature. They are very forward and upfront with their emotions and what they want. If this particular spirit wanted to hurt you, I believe he would have done so already. Negative spirits that want to harm you want you to know they are there and they want you to be afraid.

3. When a spirit tells you their name, that's a big deal. It means they show you a degree of trust. If this was an evil creature out to harm you, it would not have told you his name. Knowing a spirits name gives you a certain power over them, such as the power to call them or send them away.
Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-08)
Demons hate our guts, and only PRETEND to help us, LOL! If you don't get rid of his sorry demon a*s, in Jesus' name, and if you let him guide you... Then you, and possibly your family, will be in deep demonic doo doo, before you know it! And your soul will be eternally tormented in hell, by this 'guardian' demon! Sad but true...
west3174 (1 stories) (21 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-05)
This is not the twilight movie. The demon is playing a game and if he wins the game his reward is your soul. Let's review. He came to you in some super hunky man disguise and said he'd protect you. You then prayed to a demon to give you revenge on another person. What if he killed this person? How does that not make you an accomplice to murder if it did? This isn't a joke this is him trying to corrupt you because the greatest prize a demon can have is your eternal soul. I'm not religous at all but know far better than to ever trust a demon or ask for his help.
MSmith82 (3 stories) (55 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-01)
It is possible. I know sometimes I'll have both Angels and Demons watching over me. It isn't unusual for this to happen. I would trust him because all demons use to be Angels or at least most of them were. You shouldn't have anything to worry about meaning that he gave you his name.
splitsoul (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-01)
Yes it is possible that he might be your guardian. He gave you his name, meaning he trusts you. If you've ever researched exorcisms then you know exorcists try to get the demon to tell them there name because its there weakness. But still be careful a demon is still a demon even if they like and trust you. That doesn't mean don't trust him. Just be careful and try to talk to him some more until you know for sure he won't hurt you.

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