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My Past Life- I Was An Assassin


The whole past life thing was even around when I was a little girl, I demanded that I go to Italy, I wanted to marry an Italian, I loved the culture. I've had reoccurring visions, dreams and deja vu from my past life or what I believe it is.

I was born in the 1400's and died at the age of 27. I've had visions of roaming the streets of Venice, Italy. My visions have become more vivid and disturbing to the point where I feel like my past life is still a part of me. I wanted to kill a man, he was very famous and was named Cesare. I do remember that I had went to Spain to kill him, travelling through Italy, through France and then Spain. I did succeed in killing him on March 12th 1407, I remember this in extreme vivid detail. Sometimes my visions would be first person, where I felt prisoner in a body that I couldn't control, other times it was 3rd person point of view. I seduced men into getting what I wanted, I was very beautiful, I know I killed others too but the guy named Cesare was the grand prize. I rebelled against him, and I went against my families wishes of becoming tamed and marrying a wealthy man. I refused that.

I was a killer, I know what I did was bad but it was exhilarating, it gave me a thrill. I have lived other past lives but this one... This is the one that I miss the most.

I decided to see another psychic, this would be my first time meeting her, she is my friends wife. The moment I saw her, it was a slap to the face, and I had deja vu. I remember seeing her in the streets of France, she was a poorer girl and I had become friends with her. She told me that what I was doing would cost me my life but I didn't listen and it ended in a fight where I saw her disappearing into the crowded streets full of merchants and other citizens.

Now a week after I killed this Cesare man, I was caught by his brother and killed. This man's name was John and was a King. The psychic friend said she recognized me too, she remembered my eyes which I find is really weird. And we talked about the experience for a long time as if we were talking about old times.

I was looking at pictures of Italy and burst into tears the other day, I wanted to go back, I know this sounds ridiculous and over dramatic but I wanted go back quote "home." I feel like it's really getting to me, I get upset, I cry sometimes. I don't understand, I want to put my past life in the past but another part of me clings to it.

Please help me! I don't know what to do? I'm only 14. I feel lost. I feel like I want to go back and live my life again because a part of me feels like I didn't live long enough there before.

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MRC217 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-01)
LOL... I was a leader of one of those assassins guild in Italy... I was a guy Mikael,but, there was people who knew me by Miko, I wored a Black Hoodie, and black uniform, I ride a Black Horse, I was known as the Dark Angel... I was from Rome, and I was after Cesare to... His name was Cesare Borgia, from the Borgia Family, and he died in 1507... Reply my message at the moment you see this please.
SkyLight (1 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-28)
I totally relate to you.
I've had visions during meditations about what looked like an European women during her early 20's wondering around this beautiful but mysterious forest. I'd a feeling she was looking for something like flowers and herbs. I just happen to know that she was some kind of a Witch, kind of like a Wiccan. She was honored and respected by the people living in her village, she owned a hospice, where travelers passing through the village would rest for the night.
But it's weird this feeling asking me to go to that place where she was looking for something.
She's always present in my life, I don't actually see her but I can feel her advice inside my head like if she was talking thought my subconscious, and I just happen know how to do stuff that I've never even dreamed about... Like when I was 5 I was performing a wiccan ceremony in my backyard with no knowledge of it, I summoned the four guardian spirits, until my friend stopped me because he was getting scared... I just realized what I was doing now, now I do have knowledge of what all those preparations and words that I said actually meant...
It was me controlling my body, but it wasn't my knowledge, and considering what I grew up in Mexico, I don't think any kind of mexican witchcraft could even possibly relate to the one I was doing, so I know it wasn't just a regular spirit telling me what to do... It was something else.
I just feel, that some day I'm going to find the place she was walking on, I have to and I need to.
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-25)
I don't really believe in past lives but they are very possible to exist.
Noriko1111 (1 stories) (35 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-25)
Hello Theoreo,

First I am a bit confused. You were born in the 1400s and you killed a man around 1407. That is only 7 years you have lived. Your numbers don't fully add up. Don't you mean 1380 was when you were born?

You are you now and the past is the past. You were once her as well as now you are not. What is important is how you will live your life now. A past is called the past for a reason. But there are different ways to bring little bits of the past knowledge back. Relearn, retrain, and move forward. Don't get too caught up in the past, because it will stop you.

An interesting past life an assassin or basically a Kunoichi. Have you ever thought of going down the shadow path of Koga or Iga Ninjitsu? It is not a dark path unless you make it so but the philosophy the teaching is close to what you might be interested in. It will teach you how to control the metaphysics, tone your body, it can help you on the problems you are having now, and many more. Its training all over again though if up to you. Ninjitsu is the path of a warrior sage. There specialty lies in espionage, assaination, and intellectual gathering. There is no difference which genders signs up for it. Females are called kunochi and uses their beauty and allure to use in their advantage. Just like your past life. Completely different from a males way. I am not condoning to do murder or assassination, but this is one way to possibly settle your sadness. Its also bringing the past even though its only a little bit.

If you need anymore more advice or point you towards a direction just send me an email at noriko11111 [at]

Remembering a past life can either help you or hurt you. Its up to you how to decide your path. I understand you when you say a past life can creep up on you and you wish to live again in that era.


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