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Visiting My Nana


This is a story I'd like to tell you guys but this happened three days ago and this was a visitor

My nana is one-hundred and thirteen and fell and broke ribs and was bruised so we visited her in Oklahoma and we stayed at her house I had the up-stairs room and the up-stairs was one whole room and it was filled with china glass dolls. And it was weird just weird.

I fell asleep and had this dream I'm in this HUGE house I slept in the second story and the bathroom had this female ghost I'm it if I went in there I would see her reflection and run but the doors will slam shut and I knew I needed to get out but at the end of my dream me and other kids left the house with a woman then my nose started to tickle

I woke up and itched my nose when the dolls heads all turned to look at me an I see this girl sitting in the corner got up and looked at me I don't know why but I laughed and laughed I wanted to scream but all I could let out were chuckles and she sat down on the edge of the bed and said Emily leave him and I asked "Who's Emily" and she responded "She's in the doll behind you" I turned around and in the only male doll in the room was on the pillow and I laughed hard then the girl screamed get out I ran to the door and it slammed shut and the girl I seen in my dream was by the wall but I couldn't see her reflection

The dolls heads started to spin fast and then faster and I kept laughing until I ran out of breath and passed out

Only one question why would I laugh so much?

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